A mess called my life

Well that is what it is. My life has been really in a mess ever since the Americans dumped the entire world into what they call as recession. But it has started reaching new lows in the recent weeks. Initially I thought that it was tracking the sensex (the BSE Index). But unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be, coz when the market improved yesterday, my life has continued its downward spiral.

My work… I know I have cribbed a lot to all the people I can over chats, phone or face to face too. But still I continue. I feel I am just a tester in this organization, whose work is to work on the demos, test whether it is working, give demos and get blasted by the boss during all these activities. And blasting includes all the profanities which will put even those ppl who had gone through hostel life to shame.

Well imagine being in a 8 hour demo through telecon and webex for a client in middle east and your boss coming and blasting u every half an hour. Most of the stuffs which we get to hear cannot be even pasted over here. So you are there for 8 hours missing your lunch and all you get to hear is profanities from your boss, even though the client is happy. And then he realizes we haven’t eaten, gets us 4 biscuits each and a tea and blasts us more.

And then the next day have to work for 15 hours … doing what??? Testing some damn demo. It is more like I have moved from being a developer to a tester after 2 years of MBA. For ppl who have seen a sad bollywood movie called Sunday, my position is similar to the protagonist there. Only thing is I am missing 2 years of my life, only reminded of it because of the EMI of the loan which I have to pay back for the 2 lost years of my life. And all these because some damn idiots thought of making quick money in a far off land by selling loans to people who did not deserve it.

Nowadays I am thinking if I have lost these 2 years may be I should do another 1 year MBA from a foreign university, just so that these people can recognize that I am an MBA grad. But then again, I would be reminded of the difficulty in getting into the institute with the resume I have and the cost which I have to bear. Especially since I have not yet paid back the cost of my 2 lost years

Now add to this mix the housing dilemma. Initially there were 4 of us who were staying in the house. We did not pay the advance for the house, but we were paying the rent and the expenses in the house. Now 2 of the 4 have left and it is just the 2 of us remaining. These people have collected the rent for the 6 months which we were supposed to be living in that place when they left earlier. So we are paying what is our share. Now the company wants to use this place as a guest house. Initially it was a new guy from Bangalore who was staying with us for a month till he searched a place for himself. And now it is an intern from New Jersey who they want to put in with us. And we have to keep on adjusting with these people coming in every month. So my roommate has decided to move out and now is asking me as to what I would do. So, apart from all these job related frustrations which I have to manage now I have to find ways to arrange for the advance to pay for another acco and manage with the increased rent.

A typical case of FML 😦


First Day in Mumbai

Well, finally back on, after a 3 month break. Well it was not a self imposed break or anything like that. It was just that I was in my summer internship and with no net connection, wasn’t able to post anything .

So now that i am back here lemme see what all have i done in the past 3 months. Well went to mumbai, the first time i travelled alone sans any family member to an unknown location. Landed in Mumbai and went to the hostel in which the accommodation was allocated for us from the placement office. Turned out that the hostel warden won’t be sitting in his office on sundays. So there i was, in an unknown city with no place to go for the night. Luckily for me, there was one more person from my college who was in the same situation. So we both went around looking for accommodation in the nearby “Guest Houses”. Finally we were able to find accommodation in a sub-standard “Aaram” Guest House. Having spent 700 on the room, we went and found that the room’s door opened right into the kitchen and the so called Luxury guest house had nothing but a double bed, another single bed, a TV in which the cable connection looked as if it was stolen from a cable running nearby, and a bathroom with a broken commode.

Having somehow managed in this room for a single day, none of us could actually think of spending one more day in that room. So the next day we took half day permission from the office (on the first day) and thought of going searching for room. We came to know that as of now, there was only accommodation available for 2 ppl in the hostel mentioned above. And that the warden comes in at 7pm and is allotted on a first come first serve basis. So I decided that I will go and sit in the waiting room of the hostel from 4:30 and went over there whereas the rest of the ppl, we were almost 5-6 in number now, decided against it. When i went over there, there was already one guy from our college in the queue. Well to cut the long story short, we all ran up 3 floors from the ground floor to the warden office in the 3rd floor and I managed to reach 2nd and got the accommodation into Mackichan hall 4/11,12 which turned out to be my home for the next 2 months. I was sharing the room with 3 other ppl and i would tell this was the most memorable 2 months of my life till now…. not because of the room, but coz of the time i spent outside of it.

Hopefully i will write more about the stay in Mumbai … Till then … Ciao