At the very onset, i need to thank iimi klueless2 team for the great and most intriguing puzzle they have put up. For those who don’t know about this, please do visit it here . It is extremely interesting and addictive. I would really like to appreciate the effort these ppl had undertaken to give us this excellent puzzle. I felt it was much better than Klueless of last year.

I took nearly 3 days to complete the entire puzzle. Some of the levels were so twisted that it had me literally pulling my hair out to think of the answer. But in the end, as i always tell, it was a learning experience. Of course, my dear friend Google was there with me all the while helping me out. I have learnt so many stuffs in the last two days, that i feel it was worth the late night i put into it.

PS: The text below has some spoilers. So if u r planning to go on with the puzzle, reading further on may hamper your enjoyment of the puzzle

The following are some of the key learnings i obtained from the past 3 days effort:

  1. The name for the kind of pipe Sherlock Holmes smokes is calabash
  2. That Hardy-Ramanujam number is the smallest number which can be expressed as the sum of 2 cubes in two different ways.
  3. I found a new search engine which gives me the pleasure of both the yahoo and the google world.
  4. Pink Floyd is not just David Gilmour, but Roger Waters too. (I know, i am poor here. I didn’t know the history of this group).
  5. The diameter of a common compact disk is 120mm
  6. The property of a common playing dice is that the number on the opposite faces always add upto 7(OK, i knew this before too)
  7. The possibility of solving the rubiks cube correctly is 1 in 43 quintillion (Thank god, i didn’t try it)
  8. Antartica is called Nankyoku Monogatari in Japanese (Some knowledge that is)
  9. Learnt how the game of Teen Patti or flush is played.
  10. And last but not the least, “Failure is not an option”, especially when it comes in the last few levels.

All in all it was an amazing experience. Now i am looking forward to Klueless3 next year.