New Beginning

Hola readers..

Howdy all of u. Looks like it is a loooong time since i last posted anything on this site of mine. And I did not put myself into exile or something, just that I did not find time, nor was in a mood to write anything.

Well, after a forced trip to Amman and bidding a good riddance to my previous job, I am hoping that I might be in a better mood to write something more from here on.

So, what was I upto? As mentioned, I was forced to go to Amman … to the client location to ‘manage’ the client, for 3 months. Yes, that is actually the notice period in my previous company. Well it does hope of becoming a leading software company in its domain. And I do wish it all the best, but the way it treats its employees do put the seed of doubt in me as to whether it will actually go on to be one. Well, if I do actually go on a cribbing spree regarding them, I think it will go into multiple posts. So, I am happy that they did relieve me, forget the money which they have still not transferred.

I should be thankful to my present manager that he actually decided to wait for me for 3 months. And yes, it does put a bit of pressure on me to perform right away. Just hope I can thrive on this pressure ( Damn … think too much of Football Manager game is influencing my sentences).

And yes, I have moved back to my homeland. That is the biggest relief for me 🙂

Hoping the changes in job and the location can put some creative juices back in me.

Feel too rusty to write much. But with my cute little niece coming over this weekend, hopefully she will provide me some fodder for articles 🙂


Back again

After a brief(??) hiatus of 3 months i am back again here.


Not much. Got placed in as a Business Analyst in a company in Mumbai. Finished my course and had my convocation. Back home lazing around doing practically nothing. So just thought may be i should look into my blog once again. So here i am back posting arbit stuff.

Thing is that there is soo many stuffs which i want to write on but none of them enough to make into a blogpost. So let me go back and think about how to put it across .

So till then cya

Long time

Long time since i even got time to update my blog here. Apart from a few arbit posts/poem(the inspiration for which is still being questioned), i think the last meaningful post had been in august and this being end of November that makes it nearly 4 and half months

Lots have happened in the meanwhile. Went home on a vacation, had our mid-terms, had our summers, now the election fever is on in the campus and next week se we have our end-terms.
Add to it the random submissions, quizzes, projects and what not just to eat into our time.

Random – ???…how did this word get into my vocab??? Too much influences are there 🙂

As i said, had been home for the only vacation which a PGP1 gets in the year. All i want to talk about that will be food, food and more food (Not that i talk abt something else even otherwise). But all that i did at home (that is apart from food) is fill forms for summers. And my friends for sure would be cursing me for not meeting them.

Back to Joka after a week and the mid-terms pounced on us. As i had mentioned in a few other places, the mid-terms was like an over from Shoaib Akthar….fast, furious and dunno what hit u types. Some of the exams i had to go in unprepared. Others i went in under prepared.

The mid-terms had just finished, when the summers came over. And it was a long process for me, although i had an opportunity to convert the one call which i had the second day, i failed and went on till the last day. It was a pretty good learning experience. I would say, it was an experience which got ppl together…a good network building exercise, where most of the people were seen helping each other. What followed was a record breaking summers where for the first time the entire batch was placed before the end of day 4. As for me, i ended up with Johnson and Johnson consumer products and will be posted mostly in Mumbai.

And now the election fever is on in the campus with the studcom elections going on. Enjoying the fun as an outsider is soo much fun 🙂

PS: Have 2 quizzes today, have two submissions and a case to prepare for tomorrow and here i am sitting and writing this 🙂

Arbit post

Hmmm, A long time since i wrote anything (that is apart from my exam). Actually i haven’t written anything since i left my job (that should give you some idea on what i was doing at work 🙂 ).

As I told in the last post, i am now in Kolkata, the erstwhile British capital of India. Initially it took time to get adjusted to the rigors of an MBA course. Especially to a lazy ass like me, who has literally slept through 3 yrs of his life in the name of work, it is like hell. But once you do get adjusted, it just becomes the routine.

OK, now lemme try to recap the last 8 weeks of my life. Joining formalities were pretty simple, almost next to nothing. Just fill in a form and there u r into the pre alloted hostel room. You get registered to the course a few verifications and you are all ready to go. Actually as i said, the few days, it is like all systems on the limit.

Parties…yes we do have parties (with unlimited booze, which goes on till the day break). Already attended 4 parties in the past 8 weeks, so on an average 2 parties every month.

Then there are tutorials, conducted by the seniors. Actually these are our saviors in the exams.They cover all the important stuffs in a way that goes into a dumbo brain like mine too.

Amidst all the partying, studies, tutorials comes the mid-term exam. Well 5 weeks into it and there it is…even before u can blink mid-terms come up. Thanks to the batchmates who take up crashers, a 2-3 hr synopsis of the entire course. Actually there are ppl who just attended these crashers and have got A-Pos in the paper.

Regarding the weather….least said the better. After coming from a city like Bangalore, known for its weather, this is a virtual hell for me. The weather is soooooo humid that u take the bath and come out and with 1 minute, u’ll be sweating.

And then u do have ur best friends visiting you (especially those in the ground floor like me). Well, the best friends i am talking about are frogs, all sorts of reptiles (and may be sometimes the snakes too). Snails are pretty common over here (what with the 7 lakes in the campus). It is a sad sight to see soo many snails crashed by the cabs and the bikes.

Coming to the campus. It is beautiful campus, with 7 lakes in the campus. Our hostel is blessed with the view of a lake as soon as we come out of it. This lake a jetty too. So it is pretty common to find ppl chatting with others on this jetty.

With Kolkata being on the eastern side of India, it becomes very bright at around 5:30 or 6. I remember the first day when i got up and saw out of my window, it was so bright that i thought it must be 10 or 11 in the morning. Only after checking the watch a couple of times and crosschecking with the time on my mobile, i confirmed that the time is actually just 6 in the morning. Well it is another thing that this has made me miss a couple of classes, when i overslept thinking it is just 6 only to wake up after half an hour and see the time is actually 11.

Coming back to the early sunrise, i think it is apt to mention the existense of a mini Howrah Bridge in our campus. It is just a bridge across one of the lakes. The view of the sunrise from this bridge is just too good and some people (not me…i go to sleep then) do go over there at 5 am to watch the sunrise. As can be seen from the pic below, the view is just …awesome….

The rains here are even more wierd. One minute there is no sign of the rain and for the next half an hour, it rains cats and dogs. Once it rained the entire night and then the situation was something like this.
Well, the seniors do tell that it might get worse if it rains continuously for a day, as it does every year. So am waiting for that, it will be fun…though drying the shoes is a major problem. Oh well, not to forget, there were a few dead fishes on the road after the water dried out 😀

I think i can go on and on writing about this, but right now i have to stop and start on preparing for a case presentation which we have to do on monday. So long, till the next post…which hopefully is pretty soon.