Chaos Theory –II

So coming back to the chaos in the leave application fiasco as promised in the first part (which you can read here), this is how the conversation went.

Sometime in the first week of April

Me: Mr Hr, can you please change my reporting manager in the leave application from Mr A to Mr B??

HR: Hmmm … Sorry, we cannot do it without approval from VP. You apply for leave, they will take care.

So the application for leave was done and the system sent mail to Mr A. After a couple of days when the leave was not approved, I go to Mr A

Me: Hi… I had applied for leave….

Mr A: I don’t know what you learnt in MBA. Why do you keep sending the leave application to me when you do not report to me? Didn’t they teach it to you in MBA?

Me: Well, they did teach me that, even before my MBA. But unfortunately they did not teach that to the leave system, which sends the automated message

Mr A: Huh??? So you are blaming your problem on the system?? A typical MBA only.

Me: ???? :O (#$%#$%#$%)

Me: OK … What about my leave?

Mr A: Go and ask your reporting manager

So I go to Mr B.

Me: Hi … I was planning a vacation… Chutti chahiye tha

Mr B: Nahin milega

Me: Not now … in May

Mr B: Nahin milega

Me: (@#$@#) Sahi hai … You don’t even ask when I need and how long I need. You directly disapprove it?

Mr B: How many days you want?

Me: 10 days

Mr B: Nahin Milega

Me: I need it.

Mr B: Take 1 day

Me: (@#$@#$@#$@$) Nobody calls it a vacation

Mr B: Do you know the project plan for the project u r on?

Me: I am not the PM and the PM hasn’t shared it with me coz it has not yet started. But I know it will be in the development phase in May and I am not a developer.

Mr B: I need you to prepare test cases at that time

Me: I am not in QC.

Mr B: I need you to.

Me: OK, but that shouldn’t stop my leave. I need atleast 5 days of leave

Mr B: Ask Mr C

Me: Mr C??? I don’t report to him.

Mr B: You do.

Me: No, You did my appraisal.

Mr B: I did it because it was sent to me. But you report to Mr C.

Me: OK ….

I go to Mr C

Me: Hi .. I needed leave for 5 days in May

Mr C: OK … Ask Mr B

So at the end of all this …. Who is my boss??? Mr A, Mr B or Mr C????

Update:  Yeah the leave is approved and am off to Bangalore next week 😀


Chaos Theory – I

So the other day I went to my HR manager with just one question: “Can you please tell who I am reporting to???”

Appearing concerned the HR Manager asked: “Why, what happened???”

Me:” Nothing, just that the appraisal process has started and I would like to know who is conducting my appraisal.”

HR:” Who do you report to??”

Me: (D..uh)”That’s what I asked?”

HR:” Whose name is present in the leave system?”

Me:”Well … Leave system shows the name of Mr A. But I don’t work with him for anything”

HR:”He is your reporting manager.”

Me: “ So he will be conducting my appraisal?”

HR:”D..uh … Yeah”


HR:” Did you log into the Performance Management System???”

Me:”Not yet. I don’t have the password”

HR: “OK I will send you one. You log in and tell me who your appraiser is”.

After a day a mail arrives in my inbox from the HR for the Performance Management System (oh so aptly shortened as PMS and which oh so aptly performs as if it is having PMS). I log in to the system and see that my appraiser is indeed Mr A. So I go to the HR manager and tell him that my appraiser as mentioned in the system is indeed Mr A.

HR: (With a I told u so grin on his face).” So he will be the one who will be appraising you. Perform a self appraisal. Tomorrow is the last day”.

So I come back to my seat and start my self-appraisal. After sifting through nearly 4-5 pages of rating questions which oh so reminded me of the stupid surveys which we are forced to fill in for the sake of friendship, relationship and sunken ships, I submit the self-appraisal, and the next screen comes up proclaiming: “Your appraisal is locked now and has been forwarded to the appraiser Mr B”.

MR B. ???? But I thought my appraiser was Mr A?? Off I go to Mr HR again.

Me:”Err… HR”.

HR: (Oh No… not him again)”Yes ????”

Me: “Did my reporting manager change in the last couple of hours?”

HR:”No … Still having doubts? Your appraiser is Mr. A and so he is your reporting manager”

Me: “Yeah he was my appraiser when I logged in to the system. I completed the appraisal and it said that it has been forwarded to my appraiser Mr B”.

HR: (Confused) “Mr B???…. Not Mr A???”

Me: “It said Mr B.”

HR: “Oh so he is your reporting manager.”

Me: “Ohhh.. K … He joined just 7 months back and I am working with him for only past month… What is he going to appraise me on??

HR: “Well … He will do your appraisal”

Me: (Damn … There goes my hike for a hike of its own) “So can you change the reporting manager in the leave system?”

HR: “Oh I need the approval for it from the VP. We’ll see what I can do”.

Well What happened with the leave system will be updated in the next part shortly.