Five year status report

Finally after a 3 month hiatus, I am back on this page. Well my life has been such a crap nowadays that I do not even feel like doing anything worth while.

Now that the placement season has started for the juniors back at joka, I was reminded of the standard question which most of us would have faced in any interview. It could be either framed as “What are your long-term/ short term objectives?” or as “Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?”

This just got me thinking. Now that it is more than 5 years since I started my first job, I thought how about having a look back and seeing what I have achieved in the last 5 years to the date.

5 years before Now
Was a fresh Software Engineer who had passed out of college the previous year Am a fresh MBA Graduate who has passed out of college the previous year
Was working in a well known IT company Am working in a little known IT company
Was testing a software application Am still testing a software application
Was paid peanuts for what I was doing Am paid peanuts for what I am doing
Was frustrated with my life Am frustrated with my life
Had put in my papers with a job in hand Thinking of putting in my papers even without a job in hand
Had plans of going for further studies Thinking of taking certification, but intimidated by the cost and doubting the usefulness of the same

Well, at the first look, it looks like I haven’t achieved anything. But as far as I see it, my life has moved a full circle. In the intervening 5 years, my life has moved from the abyss I was in, in an upward spiral at my new job and culminating in getting into one of the leading B-schools in India and then moving in a downward spiral, culminating in me passing out of the institute in the peak of the worst recession after the great depression and getting stuck in this place with no exit path in view apart from the above said one.

I do know there has to be another cycle starting somewhere (unless this continues as a further downward spiral till 2012 and the world actually ends taking me with it). But I just could not see the goddamn exit out of this present cycle to start the upward spiral of the next one. I have been looking out for that for a long time and apart from a couple of mirages there is nothing my tiring eyes can find in the horizon.


YAAP (Yet Another Arbit Post)

Heylo… Am back again, trying to be back to active blogging and I dunno how many times have I actually tried it. I am a bit rusty nowadays with the mind not working as it should and too much bored to do anything. So this post is again gonna be snippets of unrelated events, stuffs, feelings and musings.

Have you ever been to the airport to catch a flight? If so, I am sure you would have seen the kind of the people I am about to describe. And if you haven’t seen this, then keep your eyes open the next time you do travel, you will surely see them. I am talking about these people who start hounding the boarding gate some 10-15 minutes before it opens. They just run in or walk in depending on their state of mind, walk to the boarding gate and give the person the boarding pass. I actually wonder what they are doing everytime. Are they giving the boarding pass to the person expecting him to let them board at that moment? Or are they just checking if they are at the correct boarding gate? If it is the latter, as far as I have seen all the airports have a proper sign informing them of which gate it is and the next flight for which boarding will take place. Whatever it is, they do help me in spending time at the boarding gate. I play a game called “Guess the impatient boarder”, objective being seeing a person coming and guessing whether he/she will go to the boarding gate and follow the routine. And guess what??? I am correct most of the time.


As most of you might already know, I had been to Bangalore … yet again (and I will go again if allowed) and had a gala time over there. Met up with a couple of my friends from HP and then roamed around a high-end mall in Bangalore, visited our adda from our time in HP and had ice-creams at Corner House. The next day met up with a couple of friends from the college (those who are not yet hooked up that is), had lunch at an Andhra Restaurant and met up with another friend who recently had a baby girl. It might not look to be so much fun, but it is the quality of the time which I spent with them that matters. I seriously don’t know why I gave all these up and went to do my MBA :(. And after 4 days of pure bliss, I had to leave it all and move back to Mumbai and to a place which is making me feel stuffed up. Yes, I am talking of my work-place.


Talking of work place… yes, I am still stuck doing the same old job which I would have done, may be in a better way still, even if I had not done my post-graduation. I seriously don’t understand it. I mean, yes, agreed IIMs do not give a specialization, but even if they had, I would have specialized in Strategy and Marketing or Strategy and finance at the least. But still they tend to notice my 3 years pre-MBA work-ex in an IT company only and say that I have specialized in systems.

It is becoming like a rail-road paradox, or a chicken and egg problem. I can’t get a marketing job without a marketing work-ex and I won’t get a marketing work-ex without a marketing job. Something has to give way sometime. But I have no idea when or where it will 😦

2008: An year in review

As another year comes to an end, I thought of going back through the year that was, something which i had done a couple of years back.

The year began with the world in not such a deep trouble it is in as now and thus everyone concentrating on finance job out of campus (seniors) or in studying a fin subject (our batch). The year began on a good note for me in that I got into the studC here @ joka. Also there was my best friend’s wedding which i had to miss just because i had a midterm starting the very next day.

When the bulk of the world was busy celebrating the magic of love in February, we the less blessed few were busy going through bulky books of Operations Research, Production and Ops Management and financial management, trying to make sense out of it.

Come March and after the seniors placement, it was time for me to go back home to recharge my batteries. Recharge or whatever, spending time back at home for a month was gr8. Bad thing was that my grades went for a toss in the term, which is hurting my prospects even now.

Then off to the city of dreams, Mumbai for a 2 month internship with J&J. All I could say is two of the best months of this year. Staying near Chowpatty, facing the beach, office a 15 minute walk from there, walks in the night on the famous marine drive … amazing. Loner that i am, whenever i used to feel bored i just used to go on to the beach and stand watching the sea. Work place was fun. With 18 other interns, the whole day used to just pass off in a breeze. Celebrated my Birthday along with the fellow interns by cutting a pizza, and fulfilled my ambition to watch a game of cricket in the stadium, when i went to see the IPL match between KKR and MI.

Back to campus in June and back to the mundane existence. Only difference being that after the 4th term all we did had was lots to read ( a day before the exam that is), lots of movies and soaps to see, lots of treats. Started trying my hand @ TT and snooker, though i suck a lot in that.

My dreams of learning a musical instrument, guitar in particular, has remained a dream for one more year. And i am still in the same position if not moved back a dozen steps in the elusive dream.

Looking back, all i could say was this was another normal boring year, inclining more towards the bad than to the good. Resolutions for 2009, though i don’t believe in those, are being drawn up. May be in the next post

A retrospection at the year gone by

Finally found some time to actually try and do some retrospect on the year gone by. So better late than never, here I go.

I could say 2005 was a very turbulent year for me. It had started really bad, with lots of work, had the best part of my life for the next 3 months, changed companies, made a lot of friends. Then had a really bad phase, with my personal life going awry, a friend of mine got really upset with me and didn’t even want to see my face. Had a slightly better end to the year with a promotion.

So 2006 started on a good note, what with getting a promotion at the end of the year. To add to the happiness, i had also cleared my B-School entrance exam and was called for an interview. It is a different fact that i couldn’t clear the interview, my nemesis from time immemorial. But the main item on the agenda for the year was to get my friend back. Although i can’t say that I succeeded in that effort, I can say that we got back on to talking terms at the least.

The month of May was a fun time for me. First of all, there was a marriage at home. No, it wasn’t mine. I still have some luck left, though am not sure when i will run out of it. The excitement and the anxiety (to some extent) of a new member coming to your house has to be experienced to understand it.

Then came my Birthday. I was amazed with the number of calls i received on that day. Never in my life (till then that is), had so many ppl wished me on my birthday and i know who should be thanked for that, Mr. Orkut.

But with my birthday came the signs that my luck might be running out. That was when my mom started giving me ultimatum, “either u get into a B-school or I will get u married next year”. I tried all tricks in book, including telling her that i will find my own bride. Her reply, “sure get her”. Now i dunno who leaked this secret that I will never get a GF in my life. The confidence with which she told that was amazing.

So, with these warning signs in the offing, I thought it is high time, i whip my lazy ass into action. Thats when i started preparing for my B-School exams. Yes, all over again and it can become boring too. But thank God, I found two more ppl sharing the same passion. So actually it was a gr8 fun preparing for it. I could say I have done sort of better than last time round. So have to see what is there in the offing for me. Not that one is better than the other anyway.

Also had a gr8 time of the year when my parents went on a trip, leaving me alone for 25 days. What a peace. No more boring serials for 25 days, can come back from work early, can watch tv late into the night ….. The cons : have to get up early, clean up the house and have to cook. Yes, I learnt cooking. Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

The fun part of 2006 was the marriages. Lemme count….yes, 6 of my friends got married. Now that is more from my standards. So i could say it was 6 times the fun. And looking into 2007, the number of marriages are not going to come down. No wonder, my mom is so adamant on me getting married. Oh Boy…the problem just keep getting more in number.