Family Vacations

My parents are going on a trip to Shirdi this week along with my uncle, aunt, another aunt and cousin. I was just reminded of the time when we were kids when we used to wait for these kinds of trips. Usually it used to happen during the summer holidays as it was convenient for all of us. And usually we used to go to these “Dharma Kshetras” or the holy places for our vacation.

If you could see it used to serve many purposes. One, we used to get our annual vacation. Well vacation for us as kids were mainly about the travelling and being in a new place, even though that place could be the same place every year. We just needed a change from Bangalore and this used to be the perfect occasion for it. We can then go back to school and boast about being on a vacation to some place and talk about the travel. Two, my mom can fulfill all her “harake” (or “mannath”) which she had taken in the year preceding. By going to these temples for vacation it could serve as a vacation for us and can also serve her purpose too. Being in a position where we could not spend money on these travels more than once a year, these 2-in-1 solutions used to work as a way out for all of us.

And then once my father had a heart attack and the doctor forbid overnight travel by bus, our vacation frequency too came down. We just couldn’t spend money on hiring a taxi every year to go on these vacations. But this worked for us in another way. We used to look forward for vacations so much that finally when we decide to go to the temple after say 2 or 3 years, we would be excited. I could still remember getting my cassettes of movie songs ready the first time when we went in a taxi. It is another thing that it turned out to be a nightmare, with my mom falling ill and the taxi breaking down in the middle of nowhere in the twilight and we wandering around trying to find a garage.

And now that we could spend some money on vacations it so happens that we still cannot go on one. The reason this time being that the parents being old and with all their impending health problems, are not so enthusiastic on travel. Secondly with brother being almost settled in Australia and me being unsettled to the maximum possible extent, it becomes difficult to find a time when we all are free to plan a vacation. For the record, for me vacations nowadays are going back to Bangalore and sleeping happily on my bed.

That way it was great to know that almost the entire family of mom (meaning, mom, her bro and her sis) has been able to plan this thing. I would really have to thank my cousin sis for actually planning this and persuading everyone to join it.

Hats off Lil’ Sis. You have achieved something which we have failed to achieve till now 🙂