Playing with words

Hmm.. Dunno what is wrong with me nowadays. But i am finding it extremely difficult to write anything. Just couldn’t focus my thoughts any more. Actually I am finding it difficult to concentrate on anything for more than 5 minutes at a stretch.

But since it was a long time since i updated my blog, I thought let me go ahead and write something. My apologies in advance, if there is no flow or if i am writing some crap.

Lemme see what i’ll write about. Yeah…the title says playing with words. So lemme stick to it. People who are on my GTalk list would have seen some wierd status messages below my name. Oh and i had lots of enquiries about it. Thanks to all who enquired and a bigger thanks to those who didn’t.

Now why did i get this GTalk status message here?? Coz the message which i set was a play with words. For the ppl who are not on my GTalk or those who haven’t seen that status, it was just a simple sentence. All it said was “I am afraid to fall in love, coz everytime I fall, I hurt myself”.

From the moment i put this status up, I think most of the ppl on my GTalk list pinged me to ask whats the matter. Did i have any bad experience. I know that is how the sentence will mean the first time u read it. But I am sorry to tell everyone, i didn’t have any such experiences. Just have a look at the sentence for the second time. Lets divide the sentence into parts and take them in exclusion. The first part says “I am afraid to fall in love”. Now this is self explanatory. I don’t think i need to explain this. The second part says “Because everytime I fall, I hurt myself”. Now this is the basic knowledge. Even a kid knows whenever it falls , it will hurt itself.

The two independent sentences seems to be innocuous in their meanings. But if u take them together it supposedly takes up a new meaning. Even if u take the entire sentence, i never said that everytime I fall in love, I hurt myself. I just said, everytime I fall, I hurt myself.

Anywayz lemme stop this blabber now. And for the record, I have written this piece of small post in 3 stretches. Just couldn’t concentrate on it for more than 5 minutes at a stretch. Looks like, my mind has gone into a round robin scheduling of things.

Apologies for the blabbering and yes lemme stop this now and spare ur head and mind, which might be still working fine. I don’t want to be termed the slayer of innocent minds.

And now I need to stop. Somebody just take this keyboard away from mee……