Social Vibes – Helping the charity

As you can see, I changed my blog theme and once I did it all my widgets went for toss. So had to sit and add all the widgets once again and that was when I came to know of this widget which was powered by social vibes. It allows the users to help charity of their choice. I thought it was a very good widget in that it actually helps people who want to help a certain cause in supporting a charity.

As far as I can make out, the way it works is, you add the widget in your blog and it allows you to choose a cause which you want to support from a huge list of causes. While choosing the cause if you do a mouse over, it actually does mention the charity which will be benefitted from it. You choose the widget and display it in your blog. Now what?

Well it works something similar to ads. When the person visiting the blog sees the cause and chooses to help it, all he/she has to do is to click on it. It opens the sponsors’ web page or an ad which asks some questions or asks you to rate a video and once you answer it, donates to the charity associated with the cause.

So, the money goes out of the brand and not the readers. All the reader invests is some time in rating the video or answer some question. So what do the brands gain? Advertisement at a cheaper rate. Most of us have lots of readers coming on to visit the blog which we do maintain and by tying up with the social cause, they can make the people know of the brand, watch ads or basically market themselves at a cheaper rate than by traditional means.

What do we get? The satisfaction that you did your 2 cents (really don’t think it is more than this) for some cause which is close to your heart without spending a single cent.

Does this work? Well, personally, I haven’t seen the brands making the payment, but it is trust at the end of it. And you are not spending a cent of your money at all.

My main issue with the widget is that they do not have a single charity working in India. I would have preferred to choose a cause which is closer home. Agreed there are people suffering elsewhere in the world too, but charity begins at home and I would have preferred a cause closer home to choose from.

So, if anybody is actually visiting this blog and have read this boring post till the end, I would love it if you can spend another 2 minutes on the cause widget on the right side bar.