A self help guide to DIY removal of sunfilms on your car

Now that the deadline for the removal of sunfilms from the car has expired yesterday (in Bangalore), and people are forced to remove their sunfilms, we do see cars queueing up in front of garages and service stations to get the same removed. With a normal average Indian being inherently well versed in economic, even without studying economics, they can solve the demand supply situation and start charging prices they want.

The alternative to this is to work on your car yourself, provided of course you have the interest to work on your car. Removing the sunfilm is a pretty simple DIY. All you need is

  1. a putty blade or something similar with a sharp edge
  2. a piece of cloth to wipe the glass and
  3. a glass cleaner liquid like Colin

First thing first, park the car in sunlight for about a couple of hours. Now, I am not sure how this will serve, but it did help me to get this removed pretty easily and thus putting this in.

Now, once that is done, you can start the work. I would advise on starting from the driver side window, but that is just my queer:P

So, just roll down the window a bit, start from one of the top corner. Take the putty blade, and get an edge out. It should be pulled out just enough that you can get a grip in your fingers. Now comes the role of colin. Since the glue used to stick the sunfilm is water based, it should be easy to remove it using water. Spray some colin on the exposed part, and pull the sun film slightly. It should start coming easily. Whenever it gets difficult to remove, I would advise spraying more colin. This way i was able to remove the sunfilm from one glass in about 2-3 minutes. If you are having electronic controls in the door panel, make sure water does not seep in through the window panel. Use the cloth and wipe off extra water.

Now for the rear side windows, we do have quarter glasses usually. The difficult part in this is that we cannot role it down and get a corner to start with. What i suggest is search for a opening near the edges and if u do find one, then use the putty blade to get it a bit more out and then colin and your muscle power should take care of this.

If you do not find an opening, use the blade and make a horizontal straight cut along the middle. Use the putty blade to get the edge out now. Make sure that the cut is not deep enough to get scratches on the glass.

Now, for the rear, if you have a hatchback, you are saved. Atleast you can stand out and work. If you have a sedan, all I can do is pity you 🙂

Now if you car has a defogger, then be careful not to scratch the defogger wires. Usually you would see that they would have put multiple strips to cover the rear. This is very helpful in this situation as they overlap and you can get an edge easily to start work with. Make sure that you go along the defogger lines and not across it when you pull the sunfilm off.

I finished mine in about 30 minutes.

After all these, I was lucky in the sense that there was no glue residual on the glasses. If this is the case, just use colin and clean the glass and you are good to go. Now, if there are glue residual on the glass, what i have heard is that you can use turpentine or petrol to remove it. I have not used it and am not sure how effective it might be, but all i am sure of is that your car will smell like a petrol bunk for the next couple of days 🙂

So, now that you have removed the sunfilm, enjoy the stares of strangers at the traffic signals, and start praying that your stereo system stays till you get back to the car.


Blanket ban of Sun-films – Flaws in the premise of petition

Recently our Honorable Supreme Court issued a blanket ban on any sunfilms on the cars, even if it is within the legal limits permitted. This was based on a PIL filed by one Mr Avishek Goenka, based on the premise that cars with such films are used by the criminals for moving around and illegal activities and also in rape and crime against women. Interestingly, tinted glasses are allowed, but we are not allowed to add sunfilms on normal glass.

When myself and some of the people on social media tried to put across our point on the facebook page of Mr Goenka’s NGO – “ Save Aam Admi”  and point out our concerns and how his premise was wrong, the whole page was removed.

Today, Mr Goenka, has sent posts to many Traffic Police page, trying to answer some of our concerns.

His post and my reply pointing out the flaws in it follows



1)) BLACK FILMS CONTRIBUTE TO COOLING OF VEHICLES – but firstly only those who use air conditioning, do pull up the glasses & air conditioning provides cooling any ways & further if cooling was an issue, then only silver & white cars would have sold, since they not only absorb the least heat and also increase night visibility of vehicles, hence making them least prone to accidents !! Further black films on glasses have been banned, but coloured glasses complying to (70%) front & (50%) side visibility are allowed.

So what you are saying is that it is ok to have colored glasses, but not colored films even if it confirms to the norm. His petition was based on the premise that it is dangerous to have color films, as police cannot make out what is happening in the car. So, how is it possible for people to make out what is happening in the car with colored glasses and not colored films which confirm to the norms of visibility?

2)) PRIVACY IS HAMPERED – privacy is about private places like homes & hotels, but not public places like roads.

I believe you are misunderstanding privacy here. We are not talking about the privacy factor which the young people in love desire, but the privacy on a whole. So, if the passengers in the car want to have some food, now it is possible to have it inside the car, with no one noticing it unless or until they really stare in. With no sun film, u will have people staring at what you eat. If you are travelling wearing jewellery, earlier it was not obvious, now a look and it is visible

3)) LAP TOPS & STEREO SYSTEMS ARE VISIBLE – both are portable devices & either can be carried at ease, to home or office or hidden beneath the car seats. It will also prevent the thief from opening the car out of curiosity as happens in case of heavy tinted glasses.

So u mean to say, I stop a car for some time to go to a shop or office for half an hour and you want me to carry music system with me? If i forget it, it is ok to lose it? And What is it about preventing the thief from opening car out of curiosity? You want us to help them making sure everything is out in open and save them the trouble of opening a car out of curiosity and not finding anything?

4)) WOMEN ARE UNSAFE WHILE DRIVING AT NIGHT – safety in public places is hampered because of factors which prevent public glare & not because of factors which ensure transparency. Only when there is absence of public glare – mobile phone conversation//drinking//immoral activity//movement of criminals//movement of illegal material//rape//molestation//k
idnapping – is facilitated. Any illegal activity happening in presence of transparency, is an exception hence not universally followed.
Measures are adopted keeping the universal norms in mind & not exceptions. Just because (1) person survived a free fall from a high rise, others too do not make a bee line.

You mention ” Measures are adopted keeping universal norm and not exceptions”. Can you please mention where is it universal norm to that all the activities like rape, molestation, kidnapping happens in cars with sunfilms? Wouldn’t these fall into the category of exception?

5)) CAR DECOR SHOPS WILL FACE DROP IN PROFITS – business will flow from selling coloured glasses instead of black films ..

Again having colored glasses is ok right? And u believe that the criminals are like us, middle class people, to not have money to go for colored glasses and carry on the afore-mentioned activities of yours? This also brings doubt in me whether the petitioner is in lobby with some of these car decor shops or sun film manufacturers to get a cut in their profit.

5)) … tomorrow if shops selling adulterated milk are shut will we protest ?? If these shops would not have mushroomed and sold illegal films in threatening proportions – the need of invoking a ban on black films, would not have arised.

Most idiotic premise i have heard, I am sorry to say this. To take into the same example you are giving, what you are doing is akin to telling that since some shops are selling adulterated milk, it should be made illegal to sell milk. The crack down has to be on these illegal films and not on the car owners having sun films within legal limits.

What we need to do is spread this message around just to show how much stupid the premise is and how Supreme Court is unfortunately wrong in passing this judgement.

New Beginning

Hola readers..

Howdy all of u. Looks like it is a loooong time since i last posted anything on this site of mine. And I did not put myself into exile or something, just that I did not find time, nor was in a mood to write anything.

Well, after a forced trip to Amman and bidding a good riddance to my previous job, I am hoping that I might be in a better mood to write something more from here on.

So, what was I upto? As mentioned, I was forced to go to Amman … to the client location to ‘manage’ the client, for 3 months. Yes, that is actually the notice period in my previous company. Well it does hope of becoming a leading software company in its domain. And I do wish it all the best, but the way it treats its employees do put the seed of doubt in me as to whether it will actually go on to be one. Well, if I do actually go on a cribbing spree regarding them, I think it will go into multiple posts. So, I am happy that they did relieve me, forget the money which they have still not transferred.

I should be thankful to my present manager that he actually decided to wait for me for 3 months. And yes, it does put a bit of pressure on me to perform right away. Just hope I can thrive on this pressure ( Damn … think too much of Football Manager game is influencing my sentences).

And yes, I have moved back to my homeland. That is the biggest relief for me 🙂

Hoping the changes in job and the location can put some creative juices back in me.

Feel too rusty to write much. But with my cute little niece coming over this weekend, hopefully she will provide me some fodder for articles 🙂

Happy New Year or whatever

Happy New Year??  Let’s See:

  • Awake on the New Year’s Eve waiting for a colleague to send me the document which I had to work on and send to my boss by 1st morning so that they can prepare an estimate and send it to the client before 2nd.
  • Finally get the document on 1st afternoon and spend the afternoon working on it.
  • Got my thumb stuck below a 2 inch concrete slab on the 2nd morning.
  • Woke up 3rd morning at 4 am to catch a 6:45am flight
  • Got ready in half an hr and waited an hr till 5:30am for a cab which was supposed to come at 4:45am
  • Reached airport just a couple of minutes after check-in counter closed
  • Pleaded with the ground staff to check me in and finally got her to check me in
  • Had a flight waiting just for me for 2 minutes
  • Spent half an hour waiting for a pre-paid taxi
  • Came to office to see that they had not started on preparing the estimate based on the document which they wanted on Saturday.

Yeah … Happy New Year it is

The Immortals of Meluha – Book Review

After thinking of buying this book for a long time, I finally managed to order this book. This is the first book in the Shiva Trilogy series. The reasons for which I wanted to buy this book were that it was written by an alumni of my beloved place IIM-Joka and also that I had seen extreme reviews on the book. The reviews ranged from being called as ‘distorting mythology to gain popularity’ to ‘extremely good’.

The concept of the book is based on the question, “What if Gods were not someone who was born with magical qualities, but someone who was born as a normal person and attained the level of God by his karma”? “What if the story of Gods did actually happen and is not just mythology?”

So the story is based in the 1900 BC (the actual time of the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilizations). The story is about a tribal chieftain ‘Shiva’ who lives at the foot of ‘Mount Kailash’ and next to the holy lake Mansarovar. Fed up with the constant and the meaningless war with a rival tribe ‘Pakratis’, Shiva decides to accept the invitation to move to the kingdom of ‘Meluha’, which is incidentally given to him by ‘Nandi’ a captain in the army of the kingdom of Meluha.

The kingdom of ‘Meluha’ is supposedly started by Lord Ram, the last Vishnu at the time, thousands of years ago.  It spreads from Srinagar to the edge of river Narmada, with its capital as ‘Devagiri’. The main cities in the kingdom are Srinagar, Hariyuppa, Mohan –jo-daro, Karachapa (which incidentally I think is the present Karachi) and Koonj.

Incidentally Vishnu is a title given to great leaders who are the protectors of the world and propagators of truth. Not all the leaders were given the title, but only those who richly deserved it and Lord Ram was the 7th Vishnu. There is also the title of ‘Mahadev’ which are less in number and the last Mahadev at that time was Lord Rudra.

So as the story goes, the people of Meluha are Suryavanshis and believe in righteousness and the path of good. They are being troubled by their arch rivals, ‘Chandravanshis’ who rule over the land ‘Swadweep’ with its capital as Ayodhya. The Meluhans believe that the Chandravanshis have joined hands with the Nagas in order to bring the downfall of the Suryavanshis. The Meluhans have a legend that the evil will be completely destroyed with the arrival of ‘Neelakanth’ who will be a person who is not from either of the regions and whose throat on drinking Somaras will turn blue.

So when Shiva, along with his friend Bhadra moves into Meluha and on drinking Somaras, which is incidentally manufactured in ‘Mount Mandar’ by large churners and the chief scientist of Meluha being Brihaspati, his throat turns blue. King Daksha, who is the ruler of Meluha, invites Shiva into the capital Devagiri, where he tries to convince Shiva that he is their savior. Shiva meanwhile falls for King Daksha’s daughter, Princess Sati, who does ignore Shiva at first.

So does Shiva agree to fight for the Meluhans against the Swadweepans? Does he manage impress Sati and get her interest and Love? Are the Swadweepans what they are actually meant to be? These are the questions which will be answered by reading the book.

I found the book to be an easy read. I actually finished the book in 2 days over the weekend, along with my mandatory 10-12 hrs of beauty sleep over the weekend. I would say, for people who are not rigid about what they believe in the mythology, for those people with an open mind, this is an amazing book. I am actually looking forward to the next two books ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ and ‘The oath of the Vayuputras’.


For slightly more than an year hence, I am having my profile active on the job sites in the hope of getting some lead in my hunt for a better job. So do a few (???) of my batchmates. May be passing out at the peak of recession has something to do with it. So coming back to the post, I have had a lot of mails bombarding me on a daily and weekly basis. Of course, with so many recruitment agencies mushrooming across the country, owing to the fact that it is one of the businesses which guarantees an exception RoI, this was to be expected. But is it of any use??? Well, the fact that I am still in the same job tells something about the effectiveness of this process.

It is not that there are no jobs being offered. I have been and am being offered a variety of jobs. Just that none of them matches the profile.

It initially started with “High paying” BPO jobs and tele-sales job. The mail also goes on to mention that the education requirement for the job is “graduate/any graduate”. Also goes on to tell that the high paying BPO job pays you 1.2 – 1.6 lakhs per annum

And then we have the training institute offering me training in anything and everything. Yes training in Business Analysis I can understand, I am working as a business analyst, but training in SAP??, training in Excel (??). Weird, really weird.

It is not just this, I also had the happiest moment in my life when I was shortlisted for the position of an AC Technician. Yeah… I am not an electrical/electronics engineer, never worked in anything related to AC, let alone to be an AC Technician.

But all happiness has to come to an end and it came to an end when a friend of mine received a mail from some recruiting company telling that one of their clients wants drivers for their car!!! Now why did they use an online job portal, I don’t know. But biggest mystery is how did they infer that we need an MBA degree to be a car driver?? I know it is tough to believe it. I didn’t believe it too, until he showed me the mail. Yeah dude, we passed out in 2009, but driver!!!!

Most of these websites concentrate more on the quantity of the jobs being offered and less on the quality of it. They are more happy in showing that your profile was viewed by x number of candidates. But how many of them are actually matching the profile which a person has? I have observed this more in the mails sent by recruitment agents. The HR or recruitment manager of a company will be more careful in doing an analysis of the person and matching the requirements and the skills. Sometimes I wonder whether the agents actually read at least the headline of the profile to whom they are sending the mails. Oh I know, they don’t… Otherwise they would not have sent mails to be a driver and AC Technician.

What next??? Sweeper??? Or Watchman???

PS: To clarify, I do not have any ill-will or one-upmanship against the jobs I have mentioned in the post. I do know that these people are the ones who make our life a lot more comfortable. All my grouses are against these head-hunters (what an apt name) / placement agencies mushrooming all across the country, who do not even do a matching of the profile before contacting the person.


Noun: Selfretursnfileophobia , self-ri’turns-fI(-u)lo-fow-bee-u

1. A fear of filing the tax returns by oneself.

This is one situation which i have seen in a huge number of people. Irrespective of what level they are educated to or what work they do many people have this phobia of filling the tax returns by themselves. So they will wait till the company they work for gets someone to prepare the returns for them and do the filing or they will approach some CA to do the filing for them.

Fine, earlier there used to be a time when the filing of returns used to be a tedious job and required accountants. And after all that you will also have to stand in a queue in the Income Tax Office to submit the same and get a copy of it stamped to act as an acknowledgement. I understand some of them who knew how to prepare the returns too used to go to the accountants just so that they need not do the operational work of standing in the queue and submitting the returns.

Then came the SARAL forms which were very simple to fill in. So out goes the tedious part. But still the sweaty part of standing in the queue (mainly because everyone used to wait till the last date to file their returns) wasn’t out.

But now, after the e-filing of tax returns has come up, even that part of the work is simplified. You file the returns online and if you do not have a digital signature, then just send a copy of the acknowledgement you receive to the address which is mentioned in the acknowledgement by ordinary post. So all you spend is Rs 5 on the postage.

But no… Bulk of the people are still are very much apprehensive to fill in their own returns. Working in a Financial software company myself, I was shocked to see that almost everyone in my office thronging to the representative who had come to file returns. I was amazed when even the people in finance department were standing in the queue there. And yeah the queue also included a couple of people who calls themselves independent and self made … Yeah … Independent and Self made just in the same way I am Michael Schumacher 😛

And the funnier part is the person who had come collects a copy of the Form 16 and pan card and Rs 150. He goes to the office, files the returns online and sends them the same acknowledgement copy which they get when they file online. So basically the people are willing to spend 30 times more just to avoid the phobia.

I literally had to drag a couple of my cubicle neighbours away from the queue to show them that they can fill the same online in time lesser than the time they spend in that queue and for a lesser amount.

Next time may be I should charge 100 bucks for the same :P.

For ppl who want to fill their own returns, this is the site to visit: https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in . It won’t take more than half an hour of your time.

Edit: One thing I came to know from interacting with many people in office regarding this is that not many people either don’t know that you can do this or think it is very complex to do it.  And once I explain the process to them, each and every one asked “Is that it???” . Looks like lack of awareness is one of the main reason for this feature not being used by individuals.  Time for IT department to do something regarding this ???