Watery grave … and the Hair-drier treatment

All that triggered it was a simple act. We have a small sintex tank inside the house which we fill up so that when the water is not being supplied by the BMC, we can use it. It so happened that I noticed that the tank was empty yesterday morning when I was in my morning chores. So I opened the valve which fills the tank up so that the tank fills up and then in the hurry to go to office, forgot all about it. It so happens that when the sintex tank fills up there is a pipe inside the bath through which the water overflows. So after we had gone to office the tank filled up and the water was flowing out through the pipe.

Now the neighborhood aunties heard the water flowing. They had no clue from where it was flowing. So they kept quiet and left it as it is. By afternoon, the water in the tank was getting low and then they started the khich khich. They had no idea what to do and as usual were sitting and gossiping on what might be wrong, getting agitated as time passed. Finally one intelligent auntyji came along at 4 in the evening, they decided to find where the water is flowing from (for the past 6 hrs these ppl hadn’t even discovered that). Finally found out it was in my apartment, tried the bell multiple times (did they think that I was dead inside???) and then finally decided to turn off the valve on the overhead tank. And then these ppl called up my owner who was supposedly taking his pregnant wife to the hospital and shouted at him. And then that guy called up my office ppl who had taken the house on rent and finally I get to know of it at 6pm. I rush home at 6 and find everything normal. No flooding, but yes water was not coming from the tank.

So I settled down happily that nothing is wrong. And boy was I wrong. The watchman came along at 7 and called me downstairs. I went there and he called up the auntiji (who had the presence of mind to ask the valve to be turned off) and then gave the phone to me. What followed was half an hour of the best hair dryer treatment I have received. And auntiji would have made Sir Alex Ferguson proud with the hair dryer treatment she gave me. All I was allowed to tell was sorry madam. She went on a tirade excerpts of which are as follows ….

“…aap log educated hoke aise kaam karte ho ….” (Me: Madam we check everyday for all this. Today we missed out and unfortunately aisa hua, sorry)

“ …. Sorry kehne se kya hoga… aapke wajah se humaare liye paani nahin hai …..”

“….kitna paani waste hua … aur hum yahaan pe paani bachaane ke liye toilet ka flush bhi use nahin karte hai … “ (now that was something I would have lived my entire life without knowing)

“…. Sab kitne pareshaan the… Agar aapke saamne wale ghar main woh sardar hota to wo darwaaza thod deta aapka… sab itne ghusse main the…”

“….aapke ghar main intercom bhi nahin hai… aapko kaise contact karein hum log…” (When we are inside, by knocking on the door and when we are not intercom doesn’t help… does it???)

“… ab toh paani tha … kal gas wagera aise hi hogaya to kya hoga …. “

“ … Secretary ko bhi complaint kiya hai … who kucch karne wala nahin hai … usne suna aur bola … theek hai theek ho jaayega …. Wo kucch karta nahin hai…”

“… humne bola hai aapke owner se … next time se family men ko ghar dene ko …” (Hello … Kya humne kisi ladki ko chheda … ya aisa kucch kiya??? Any guarantee family wale aise nahin karenge???)

And in the end of it

“… aisa galti ho jaata hai … meine bhi kiya hai pehle…” (Now u tell me … after half an hour of hair dryer treatment???)

After all that I have ended up with a headache, which is still persisting. Gr8 way to drive the point home aunty