Nice Guy vs Cool Dude

Well this post was something which i had started around an year back, but just held myself back from completing. Well after reading this post recommended by a friend, i was inspired complete it. But having read the post, i know i couldn’t write even as good as that. So just completing the two paras which i had written earlier.

It is the same old debate of the nice guy vs the cool dude. Well being a nice guy all through my life, i have to admit that we do finish last. And it is no fun being the loser.

I actually find it amusing when the girls go on and just make a motherhood statement like “There are no nice guys around”. As if you were any nicer to those nice guys when you had an opportunity. All you wanted was some random cool dude who you can call as ur boy friend and show around. Now that you need the nice guy for emotional intimacy, how do you expect to find him, when he would have long withdrawn knowing his fate.


Well yes, i do feel like changing from a nice guy to a cool dude. Of course i don’t want to finish last all the time. I don’t want to be a spectator and just watch while some cool dude come and sweep off my girl just because he can crack some “real cool” wise-crack. I do feel like coming out of this useless “nice-guy-who-is-always-the-best-friend”skin of mine and get into the “oh-he-is-such-a-cool-dude-but-he-has-no-emotions” skin.

Or who knows, i might want to give one more chance, though i am sure i will end up a loser again.

Oh well just got one more funny post on the same issue posted a looooooooooong time back on my blog which u can check here