Modern technology: Final resort to fight crime ?

Well… One more series of bomb blasts. This time in Agartala. I was just thinking on how this could have been avoided. Well I dunno what the intelligence is doing… nor am i supposed to know, neither do i wanna know. But I was thinking what could be done. Will better information be useful? Can’t some data mining or some stuff like that be done to get more information about these people.

Thinking about this, I was going through a last week’s edition of Economist where i found this article . Well this goes on to talk about what i was thinking about. Imagine the power which is in the hand of the intelligence if we get the all the data and could correlate as given in the article. Yeah, being in India, we could leave the religion from this. Or we need not concentrate only on a particular community. Remember we are fighting the enemies of the nation and not any particular community.

But will such a thing ever be done in India. If it finds opposition in US of A, won’t it find an opposition in our country where the Human Rights Commission is fighting vehemently against hanging a criminal mastermind who was responsible for attacking the very center of our governance? Will it ever care about the safety of the country?

I think one of the major problems in our country is that each of these commissions and agencies and et al have their own agenda and programme. Well just having their own agenda is not at all a problem. Only problem is that they are adamant and stubborn to stick to it in all conditions. Yes Mohd Afzal might be a citizen of India and yes, protecting his rights would have been your right(??), but now that he is proved to have worked against the country, I cannot find any sense in trying to protect him.

I still feel that it is the necessity to have such advanced technologies to fight against the modern threats facing our countries. Remember we are no longer fighting some uneducated individual who just comes over throws a few grenades, fires a few tens of rounds of ammunitions and blows himself. We are fighting some highly educated individuals, who knows how to use technologies and are using technology to fight. To protect our lives and livelihood, i think we should be ready to give up a bit of our privacy.

PS: All opinions are my personal opinions.