For slightly more than an year hence, I am having my profile active on the job sites in the hope of getting some lead in my hunt for a better job. So do a few (???) of my batchmates. May be passing out at the peak of recession has something to do with it. So coming back to the post, I have had a lot of mails bombarding me on a daily and weekly basis. Of course, with so many recruitment agencies mushrooming across the country, owing to the fact that it is one of the businesses which guarantees an exception RoI, this was to be expected. But is it of any use??? Well, the fact that I am still in the same job tells something about the effectiveness of this process.

It is not that there are no jobs being offered. I have been and am being offered a variety of jobs. Just that none of them matches the profile.

It initially started with “High paying” BPO jobs and tele-sales job. The mail also goes on to mention that the education requirement for the job is “graduate/any graduate”. Also goes on to tell that the high paying BPO job pays you 1.2 – 1.6 lakhs per annum

And then we have the training institute offering me training in anything and everything. Yes training in Business Analysis I can understand, I am working as a business analyst, but training in SAP??, training in Excel (??). Weird, really weird.

It is not just this, I also had the happiest moment in my life when I was shortlisted for the position of an AC Technician. Yeah… I am not an electrical/electronics engineer, never worked in anything related to AC, let alone to be an AC Technician.

But all happiness has to come to an end and it came to an end when a friend of mine received a mail from some recruiting company telling that one of their clients wants drivers for their car!!! Now why did they use an online job portal, I don’t know. But biggest mystery is how did they infer that we need an MBA degree to be a car driver?? I know it is tough to believe it. I didn’t believe it too, until he showed me the mail. Yeah dude, we passed out in 2009, but driver!!!!

Most of these websites concentrate more on the quantity of the jobs being offered and less on the quality of it. They are more happy in showing that your profile was viewed by x number of candidates. But how many of them are actually matching the profile which a person has? I have observed this more in the mails sent by recruitment agents. The HR or recruitment manager of a company will be more careful in doing an analysis of the person and matching the requirements and the skills. Sometimes I wonder whether the agents actually read at least the headline of the profile to whom they are sending the mails. Oh I know, they don’t… Otherwise they would not have sent mails to be a driver and AC Technician.

What next??? Sweeper??? Or Watchman???

PS: To clarify, I do not have any ill-will or one-upmanship against the jobs I have mentioned in the post. I do know that these people are the ones who make our life a lot more comfortable. All my grouses are against these head-hunters (what an apt name) / placement agencies mushrooming all across the country, who do not even do a matching of the profile before contacting the person.