New Beginning

Hola readers..

Howdy all of u. Looks like it is a loooong time since i last posted anything on this site of mine. And I did not put myself into exile or something, just that I did not find time, nor was in a mood to write anything.

Well, after a forced trip to Amman and bidding a good riddance to my previous job, I am hoping that I might be in a better mood to write something more from here on.

So, what was I upto? As mentioned, I was forced to go to Amman … to the client location to ‘manage’ the client, for 3 months. Yes, that is actually the notice period in my previous company. Well it does hope of becoming a leading software company in its domain. And I do wish it all the best, but the way it treats its employees do put the seed of doubt in me as to whether it will actually go on to be one. Well, if I do actually go on a cribbing spree regarding them, I think it will go into multiple posts. So, I am happy that they did relieve me, forget the money which they have still not transferred.

I should be thankful to my present manager that he actually decided to wait for me for 3 months. And yes, it does put a bit of pressure on me to perform right away. Just hope I can thrive on this pressure ( Damn … think too much of Football Manager game is influencing my sentences).

And yes, I have moved back to my homeland. That is the biggest relief for me 🙂

Hoping the changes in job and the location can put some creative juices back in me.

Feel too rusty to write much. But with my cute little niece coming over this weekend, hopefully she will provide me some fodder for articles 🙂