A self help guide to DIY removal of sunfilms on your car

Now that the deadline for the removal of sunfilms from the car has expired yesterday (in Bangalore), and people are forced to remove their sunfilms, we do see cars queueing up in front of garages and service stations to get the same removed. With a normal average Indian being inherently well versed in economic, even without studying economics, they can solve the demand supply situation and start charging prices they want.

The alternative to this is to work on your car yourself, provided of course you have the interest to work on your car. Removing the sunfilm is a pretty simple DIY. All you need is

  1. a putty blade or something similar with a sharp edge
  2. a piece of cloth to wipe the glass and
  3. a glass cleaner liquid like Colin

First thing first, park the car in sunlight for about a couple of hours. Now, I am not sure how this will serve, but it did help me to get this removed pretty easily and thus putting this in.

Now, once that is done, you can start the work. I would advise on starting from the driver side window, but that is just my queer:P

So, just roll down the window a bit, start from one of the top corner. Take the putty blade, and get an edge out. It should be pulled out just enough that you can get a grip in your fingers. Now comes the role of colin. Since the glue used to stick the sunfilm is water based, it should be easy to remove it using water. Spray some colin on the exposed part, and pull the sun film slightly. It should start coming easily. Whenever it gets difficult to remove, I would advise spraying more colin. This way i was able to remove the sunfilm from one glass in about 2-3 minutes. If you are having electronic controls in the door panel, make sure water does not seep in through the window panel. Use the cloth and wipe off extra water.

Now for the rear side windows, we do have quarter glasses usually. The difficult part in this is that we cannot role it down and get a corner to start with. What i suggest is search for a opening near the edges and if u do find one, then use the putty blade to get it a bit more out and then colin and your muscle power should take care of this.

If you do not find an opening, use the blade and make a horizontal straight cut along the middle. Use the putty blade to get the edge out now. Make sure that the cut is not deep enough to get scratches on the glass.

Now, for the rear, if you have a hatchback, you are saved. Atleast you can stand out and work. If you have a sedan, all I can do is pity you 🙂

Now if you car has a defogger, then be careful not to scratch the defogger wires. Usually you would see that they would have put multiple strips to cover the rear. This is very helpful in this situation as they overlap and you can get an edge easily to start work with. Make sure that you go along the defogger lines and not across it when you pull the sunfilm off.

I finished mine in about 30 minutes.

After all these, I was lucky in the sense that there was no glue residual on the glasses. If this is the case, just use colin and clean the glass and you are good to go. Now, if there are glue residual on the glass, what i have heard is that you can use turpentine or petrol to remove it. I have not used it and am not sure how effective it might be, but all i am sure of is that your car will smell like a petrol bunk for the next couple of days 🙂

So, now that you have removed the sunfilm, enjoy the stares of strangers at the traffic signals, and start praying that your stereo system stays till you get back to the car.