Happy New Year or whatever

Happy New Year??  Let’s See:

  • Awake on the New Year’s Eve waiting for a colleague to send me the document which I had to work on and send to my boss by 1st morning so that they can prepare an estimate and send it to the client before 2nd.
  • Finally get the document on 1st afternoon and spend the afternoon working on it.
  • Got my thumb stuck below a 2 inch concrete slab on the 2nd morning.
  • Woke up 3rd morning at 4 am to catch a 6:45am flight
  • Got ready in half an hr and waited an hr till 5:30am for a cab which was supposed to come at 4:45am
  • Reached airport just a couple of minutes after check-in counter closed
  • Pleaded with the ground staff to check me in and finally got her to check me in
  • Had a flight waiting just for me for 2 minutes
  • Spent half an hour waiting for a pre-paid taxi
  • Came to office to see that they had not started on preparing the estimate based on the document which they wanted on Saturday.

Yeah … Happy New Year it is


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year or whatever

    • Thanks :). Happy New yr to u too 🙂
      Yep, The thumb is fine. Just a bit of pain left. 🙂
      I do hope it’s all over now. But this looks more like the continuation of 2010 the way it is going.

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