Five year status report

Finally after a 3 month hiatus, I am back on this page. Well my life has been such a crap nowadays that I do not even feel like doing anything worth while.

Now that the placement season has started for the juniors back at joka, I was reminded of the standard question which most of us would have faced in any interview. It could be either framed as “What are your long-term/ short term objectives?” or as “Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?”

This just got me thinking. Now that it is more than 5 years since I started my first job, I thought how about having a look back and seeing what I have achieved in the last 5 years to the date.

5 years before Now
Was a fresh Software Engineer who had passed out of college the previous year Am a fresh MBA Graduate who has passed out of college the previous year
Was working in a well known IT company Am working in a little known IT company
Was testing a software application Am still testing a software application
Was paid peanuts for what I was doing Am paid peanuts for what I am doing
Was frustrated with my life Am frustrated with my life
Had put in my papers with a job in hand Thinking of putting in my papers even without a job in hand
Had plans of going for further studies Thinking of taking certification, but intimidated by the cost and doubting the usefulness of the same

Well, at the first look, it looks like I haven’t achieved anything. But as far as I see it, my life has moved a full circle. In the intervening 5 years, my life has moved from the abyss I was in, in an upward spiral at my new job and culminating in getting into one of the leading B-schools in India and then moving in a downward spiral, culminating in me passing out of the institute in the peak of the worst recession after the great depression and getting stuck in this place with no exit path in view apart from the above said one.

I do know there has to be another cycle starting somewhere (unless this continues as a further downward spiral till 2012 and the world actually ends taking me with it). But I just could not see the goddamn exit out of this present cycle to start the upward spiral of the next one. I have been looking out for that for a long time and apart from a couple of mirages there is nothing my tiring eyes can find in the horizon.


10 thoughts on “Five year status report

  1. wonderful analysis of the past 5 years I must say 😉 you forgot to mention that we were perhaps born at the wrong time. As someone said in college, Life is not fair!

    • Thanks 🙂 … Yeah Life is not fair… But how come it is relatively more unfair to me is the question. But i do think everybody else will also have the same question 🙂

  2. Life is not fair for now. Just the matter of time. you will become stronger with this and you will have better times in future. be happy 🙂

    • Thanks Shiva… Yes have to get through the struggles in life to have a better time. As my mom says, “Even a diamond has to go thru the polishing stone to get its value”.

  3. dont go crazy macha … analogous to what your mom says … the darkest of nights is followed by the rays of the sun

    btw if me (u know all the shitty stuff i did at joka 😉 ) can be *not bad* you will eventually converge to *awesomeness* . dont lose faith bro

    ps: we still have a drinking session pending 😀

    • Ha ha ,…. “Awesomeness” … reminds me of Barney Steinson 🙂 . Well, just waiting for the dark night to end, but it is going on like the winter solstice 🙂

      Oh… regarding the drinking session… Sure lets meet up sometime 🙂

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