YAAP (Yet Another Arbit Post)

Heylo… Am back again, trying to be back to active blogging and I dunno how many times have I actually tried it. I am a bit rusty nowadays with the mind not working as it should and too much bored to do anything. So this post is again gonna be snippets of unrelated events, stuffs, feelings and musings.

Have you ever been to the airport to catch a flight? If so, I am sure you would have seen the kind of the people I am about to describe. And if you haven’t seen this, then keep your eyes open the next time you do travel, you will surely see them. I am talking about these people who start hounding the boarding gate some 10-15 minutes before it opens. They just run in or walk in depending on their state of mind, walk to the boarding gate and give the person the boarding pass. I actually wonder what they are doing everytime. Are they giving the boarding pass to the person expecting him to let them board at that moment? Or are they just checking if they are at the correct boarding gate? If it is the latter, as far as I have seen all the airports have a proper sign informing them of which gate it is and the next flight for which boarding will take place. Whatever it is, they do help me in spending time at the boarding gate. I play a game called “Guess the impatient boarder”, objective being seeing a person coming and guessing whether he/she will go to the boarding gate and follow the routine. And guess what??? I am correct most of the time.


As most of you might already know, I had been to Bangalore … yet again (and I will go again if allowed) and had a gala time over there. Met up with a couple of my friends from HP and then roamed around a high-end mall in Bangalore, visited our adda from our time in HP and had ice-creams at Corner House. The next day met up with a couple of friends from the college (those who are not yet hooked up that is), had lunch at an Andhra Restaurant and met up with another friend who recently had a baby girl. It might not look to be so much fun, but it is the quality of the time which I spent with them that matters. I seriously don’t know why I gave all these up and went to do my MBA :(. And after 4 days of pure bliss, I had to leave it all and move back to Mumbai and to a place which is making me feel stuffed up. Yes, I am talking of my work-place.


Talking of work place… yes, I am still stuck doing the same old job which I would have done, may be in a better way still, even if I had not done my post-graduation. I seriously don’t understand it. I mean, yes, agreed IIMs do not give a specialization, but even if they had, I would have specialized in Strategy and Marketing or Strategy and finance at the least. But still they tend to notice my 3 years pre-MBA work-ex in an IT company only and say that I have specialized in systems.

It is becoming like a rail-road paradox, or a chicken and egg problem. I can’t get a marketing job without a marketing work-ex and I won’t get a marketing work-ex without a marketing job. Something has to give way sometime. But I have no idea when or where it will 😦


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