I have no idea what happens to me sometimes. I just have no mood to write when there is so much happening around. And then there are times like this when i want to write something, but my mind couldn’t think of anything.

Not that i can blame my mind. What can it do if there is so much going on inside it anyways? So i am going to muddle up this post too with varied things

My roommate left the company in which we were working. For ppl who do not know 4 of us working fofr the company were housed in a 2BHK. So now that he left the company, he had vacate the house as the agreement is in the company’s name. Another roommate has gone on a visit to Cambodia and Philippines and enjoying out over there. And the third roommate has just resigned from the company and is moving out in a couple of days. So from Wednesday to Saturday it is home alone for me.

Wondering what I am doing after MBA? Well pretty much the same thing what i was doing before at pretty much the same salary. Recession sucks.

Nice to see Man Utd finally getting into some attacking form yesterday. When Spurs scored their first goal within the first minute, my friend who supports spurs pinged me “Tottenham rocks Man U”. I replied back telling “Beta it is a game of 90 minutes, wait and watch”. His reply: “with an aging midfield dont expect nything…” . Glad that the “aging” midfield showed them what they are worth, even with 10 men πŸ™‚

Just saw Nadal being thrashed to his worst ever defeat till nowin a grandslam by Del Porto. Awesome match. Nadal could win just 6 games in three sets. It was actually what one of the commentators called “Humiliating defeat” for such a good player. And please, I don’t think he is injured or not well. So Nadal fans who made fun of Federer fans when he was in bad form … πŸ˜€


Its Official. I am the alter-ego of Garfield. morningsI mean I love Pizzas, basically eating anything veg, I believe i am in shape as round is the perfect shape to be in, hate exercising, love lazing around, am not a morning person in any sense and now “I HATE MONDAYS”. I don’t know how long will i be in this form, but I hope I get out of this as early as possible.

And Awesome news for Jet flyers. Jet is offering 50% discount on its economy class tickets till the end of this week. The tickets have to be booked between 14th and 16th and the travel has to be done between 14th and 18th. Pity I cannot make use of this opportunity 😦


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