Johari Window

During my MBA course we had a subject called Management of Self where we talked about something called johari window. It is a cognitive psychological tool developed by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, which is used to help the people understand their own interpersonal communication and relationships.It is done in groups of familiar people.

In this the person is given a list of adjectives and he/she has to choose 5 to 6 adjectives which they believe suits them the most. The other people in the group also selects 5 to 6 adjectives which they feel suits the person most. This way there will be a grid formed through which the person will get to know what his facade (adjectives which he does not project to the outside world), arena (adjectives which he projects to the outside world), blind spot(adjectives which he does not know that he projects, but others notices) and the unknown (adjectives which nobody knows to associate with him or not). Something like this

We couldn’t do the exercise in the class. But now i found this application online. So a great chance for me to find out about myself… provided others help

And this is the link for it:


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