Seething with anger

Well now that i have finished my education, there has been no dearth on the number of people who are interested in getting me married off. Although at home, mom had started off pestering me a long time back (remember, that i had to get into IIM to ward off the pressure back at home), it reached a frenzied pace once i passed out. Add to it the idea of prank among a couple of my friends at Joka being to tell my parents to get me married at the earliest… yes some people are so sadistic that they cannot see others being happy even for a single minute.

After a dozen attempts of my mom pestering me to tell me what kind of a bride i need and i thwarting the question off as i have no idea and am not inclined in thinking about it as of now, the tension reached the peak today and as usual i lost my patience and had to shout.

I just can’t find any reasoning in that i have to get married just because my parents can have the peace of mind that they have completed their so called earthly duties. And who ever added the children marriage in the duties list. What about the children’s future? After all it is they who have to survive the marriage. I remember seeing such scenes in some old movies where the children had to get married coz some old granny wanted to see the marriage of her grandson/daughter and i felt the same even then.

Does one get married just to please someone else or do they get married when they are ready. And what does it need to get it into the head that even i can think about when i can or need to get married. Just because i am 26 and in the so called marriageable age it does not mean i need to get married.

Just hope somebody knocks some sense into the right heads. And i just hope my so called friends at least stop playing their stupid pranks.


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