2008: An year in review

As another year comes to an end, I thought of going back through the year that was, something which i had done a couple of years back.

The year began with the world in not such a deep trouble it is in as now and thus everyone concentrating on finance job out of campus (seniors) or in studying a fin subject (our batch). The year began on a good note for me in that I got into the studC here @ joka. Also there was my best friend’s wedding which i had to miss just because i had a midterm starting the very next day.

When the bulk of the world was busy celebrating the magic of love in February, we the less blessed few were busy going through bulky books of Operations Research, Production and Ops Management and financial management, trying to make sense out of it.

Come March and after the seniors placement, it was time for me to go back home to recharge my batteries. Recharge or whatever, spending time back at home for a month was gr8. Bad thing was that my grades went for a toss in the term, which is hurting my prospects even now.

Then off to the city of dreams, Mumbai for a 2 month internship with J&J. All I could say is two of the best months of this year. Staying near Chowpatty, facing the beach, office a 15 minute walk from there, walks in the night on the famous marine drive … amazing. Loner that i am, whenever i used to feel bored i just used to go on to the beach and stand watching the sea. Work place was fun. With 18 other interns, the whole day used to just pass off in a breeze. Celebrated my Birthday along with the fellow interns by cutting a pizza, and fulfilled my ambition to watch a game of cricket in the stadium, when i went to see the IPL match between KKR and MI.

Back to campus in June and back to the mundane existence. Only difference being that after the 4th term all we did had was lots to read ( a day before the exam that is), lots of movies and soaps to see, lots of treats. Started trying my hand @ TT and snooker, though i suck a lot in that.

My dreams of learning a musical instrument, guitar in particular, has remained a dream for one more year. And i am still in the same position if not moved back a dozen steps in the elusive dream.

Looking back, all i could say was this was another normal boring year, inclining more towards the bad than to the good. Resolutions for 2009, though i don’t believe in those, are being drawn up. May be in the next post


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