Void life()

Long time since i updated my blog. Well here i am back to updating it at 3 am in the night. Looks like my brain works a lot better in the night or i am becoming an insomniac that i cannot sleep in the night and that is when all these thoughts come in my head.

So coming to the topic of thoughts in the head, I was thinking on the lines of the void written by Gomzi here. And that was when i realized that even i was suffering from the same problem. And it is just that i have no one close enough who can understand what it is. Well, my parents are a different generation in themselves and i wouldn’t expect them to understand it and of the rest of the people in my generation that i know of, half of them wouldn’t know that I exist, rest don’t care. OK, I am not telling that i don’t have friends. But i am talking of those stuffs which u wouldn’t want to talk to all the friends, but to someone who you treat as close. And the only difference from Gomzie will be in the fact that I had a couple of friends like that, with whom i could just sit and talk and would get the therapeutic treatment. It is just that they are married now and I do not want to burden my problems on them.

And yes, i do have a certain someone with whom i believe that i might be able to open my soul out. But again it depends on whether the recipient is ready or not 😦


2 thoughts on “Void life()

  1. oh no ! :O

    u can tell me … can give pretty interesting solutions 😉

    But what the fish i thought you were the peaceful person 😦

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