As I had said in some previous post of mine, I have a subject called Management of Self in Organization. As a part of the curriculum we are supposed to write an autobiography. So, I was actually thinking about my life till now (yeah as many ppl here say, I am too old to be here coz I am 26) and the stuffs which had happened. I was actually amazed to see that it was more like a cycle of events in my life just keeps happening again and again. This got me thinking about it. This led to me raising a few questions about these stuffs.

1. Why is it that I usually am hesitant in opening my mouth??

2. Why is it that even when I know I am right I don’t want to get into an argument?

3. Why is it that I am always thinking of not hurting others, even if it hurts me?

4. Why is it that even after taking all the precautions not to hurt others there are people who think that I hurt them?

5. Why is it that I suddenly run out of ideas for conversation when actually all I want is to spend some time talking to someone?

6. Why is it that I am not good in at least something?

7. Why is it that I end up on the losing side in most of the situations in my life?

8. Why is it that every night I think of new and amazing ways of popping up the all important question, think and find faults in it and finally convince myself that it is never gonna happen, only to start of all afresh the next day and repeat the same?

9. Why is it that I so much wanna help someone when I know it is all of no use and will be washed down the drain?

PS: Why is it that all these stuffs strike to me and make me write something usually at 4:30 am when I haven’t slept the entire day and have a class at 8:30 am?

PPS: Why am i posting a set of questions on my 50th post?


2 thoughts on “Why???

  1. you r not really old …

    if u are looking for a freakingly kick ass image lifestyle make over … follow “das vidaniyan” movie and unleash the inner SHADOW 😛 (only think u r going to die soon and dont die)

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