Utter nonsense

Yeah thats what it is … What is happening around and this post … and i think this blog too. So, we have a group of militants or terrorists or whoever they are happily going around bombing everywhere in our country and all our honorable (sic) home minister has to say is ” A few cowards are trying to test our patience etc etc etc”. Watching it on CNN-IBN, i had a de javu. Hadn’t this same guy told the same things around a month ago ??? Is it a repeat telecast ??? Well I come back to my room, log on to net (wonder when i log off anyways) and see that it is not just me who felt the same way. And it was not a repeat telecast… Now, how much low can this person go?? And then what does he say ??? “We are just coming back to life after an attack and these ppl do it again“. Hello Mr Home Minister are u pleading with them to give you some time???

Well thats one thing. And then there was this party organized to welcome the steppers into the campus. Thank God, i skipped it and watched a good movie instead. Reports from the party wouldn’t make a nice reading anyways…so chuck it.

Regarding the movie, a beatiful wonderful movie called “A Wednesday”. Just watch it if u haven’t . It is really amazing and having watched it on the same day of the wonderful wonderful statement of our home minister, I somehow feel that is the only way to go. I don’t want to give out a lot on the movie over here… but all i could say is that it has come out at the right time.

And regarding myself, well have been in a really bad mood nowadays.. Don’t know the reason, (OK I won’t tell the reason) but feel really miserable. Yeah this is the 5th term when i should enjoy, but i am actually pissed off with what a few ppl around here consider me to be. Just hope I get a really good chance to prove these #@@$#@$ wrong.

OK coming back from that rant, been in a really bad mood nowadays. And it is not that i have nothing to do. I have a project with the Initiative for Community Actions club of which i am a part and we haven’t yet started on it. Then I have this really awesome course called Management of Self in Organizations. One of the evaluative parameter for the course is that we have to write our autobiography. Awesome way to evaluate people. And I was planning that I will start writing from the first day that I get this course.

Next we have a student body called ISG, which takes care of our extranet and the details of the courseweb where we get the course materials and other things which are uploaded by the profs etc. The ISG started a new initiative called as the ISG_Academic Committee and I am a part of it. We are a group of 5 people who handle around 5 subjects each and takes responsibility of updating the students on the stuffs which happened in each class and also any pre-readings or activities which need to be done before the next class or any submissions to be done on the day of the class. This is one activity which we are really excited in and hopefully we could maintain this level of excitement, so that it could continue through to the next batch and so on. Having said all these, I really think that the present ISG head has to choose a capable enough successor, who has the same level of enthu that he has.

And as usual, we have the students council. Yes, we are excited about our roles over here too and we need to give something back to the institution. We need to make a change which can have a lasting impact on the campus and possible help the batches to come. We are working on that right now and we have a really short duration as our term comes to an end by november end or december. We need to really get this thing done.

But yeah, even though i am in all these things, I am yet to get off from my foul mood. Today, it has been a bit better, coz i did go around and spoke to someone who could lighten my mood, even though could speak only for a couple of minutes as this person as usual has to rush out. And yeah, could catch up with a friend in some other insti too… All these talking did lighten my mood… but still…..

PS: Yeah now i really feel this post is an utter nonsense…. and so is this blog.


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