The nightmare called Term 4

Time has rolled on. After the nightmare called the 4th term, there is now the bliss called as the 5th term. Thinking back, 4th term must be the badla (revenge) which the institute takes of all the free-ridings and laziness of the students during the preceding 3 terms. As far as I could see, there was not a single student who enjoyed 4th term.

Yes we had the fresh batch coming in, new facchas and the facchis and all the joys of getting acquainted with them, but along came the cases, projects, write ups et all and the sorrows which they get along with them. With the term shortening, the projects piling, the fuses of temper for some blew out, minor mistakes took major proportions and major mistakes … abnormal proportions.

Well all was not bad with the 4th term. It was the term when the PPOs or the pappus as it is better known, started rolling in. With PPOs we could see the erstwhile hard workers turn into the free-riders of the term and some turning on their GQ (Geelagiri Quotient) a notch more started flirting all around. Whoever said gossiping is bad never knew the fun involved in it. To cater to all these gossip inclined citizens of Joka land, DDCG came into existence and what a hit it was. The whole campus was tuned into this piece of information which would come on any time during the day ( mostly in the night though) through the lifeline of the campus, IP Messenger.

Though the standard of the gossips declined as the days went on to finally disappear altogether, DDCG did diversify into various other areas like campus radio to provide entertainment to the students. Though off late i could say that DDCG has been wiped out so much that it does not even exist now.

So much for the past. But the term did give us a lot of “pain”. I get a week of term break and i spend it trying to complete two project reports. That reminds me … still have a project report to submit and the person supposed to do one part has free rode on that and has gone off on STEP. Well that is the thing with most of the Pappu-dhaaris anyways.

And oh yeah, Term 4 was unforgettable for one more reason. This was the term when i was blessed with a cute little niece. The sleeping beauty (well she does sleep most of the 24 hrs ala me ) is named Ananya and she is really a cutie-pie.


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