The 5th term bliss begins ….

Back to the campus after the term break, could call this period nothing but the absolute bliss. 10 classroom sessions spread over the week (the least since first term), nothing to study (shopping week going on) and nothing to do.

Saw Jaane bhi do yaaro, C Kkompany (who is this wierd numerologist whom Ekta Kapoor visits every time she needs to name something), Rock On (Gold class in Fame, spending 350 bucks), finished reading Picadilly Jim and the 3 mistakes of my life. All these with sleeping atleast 7-8 hrs every day and in the past 2 days …. atleast 12 hrs everyday. The ways you can spend productively as long as it has nothing to do with studies πŸ™‚

Well looking at the courses which i am taking, i could say that Archana, a friend of mine over here, is absolutely true. Some people do have r**e fantasies and looks like i am one of them. I don’t think anybody would like to take loaded course in the 5th and 6th term and here i am taking Commercial Banking, having a project, midterm and an endterm – in other words a “pain”, Country Risk Analysis, having quiz in all the classes ( u miss a class u miss a quiz), project, case analysis and class exercises, economics – my nemesis, but the only time i can be in the same class as some one else, and Management of Self in Organization – write a review on a movie, novel or some lyrics, end-term and write an autobiography (yes you heard it right … an autobiography) and its analysis. The last course mentioned though is not sure as it will go into bidding and lottery and knowing my luck all these years, i might not even get it.

Coming back to the movies and the books i read…Rock On was an awesome movie, though in some parts it was boring, but could say it was a well thought out and well directed movie and Farhan Akthar was awesome in the movie. And know what??? I feel he sings well too… Really loved the songs composed by SEL and sung by Farhan Akthar. All I could say was that i did not feel too bad for spending 350 bucks on that ticket and watching the movie in the night show.

C Kkompany…. Thank god i didn’t spend a single pie on this piece of shit. Not an iota of comedy though it boasts of Rajpal Yadav and Tusshar Kapoor. But what else can you expect from Ekta Kapoor of the K-Series fame. Though Mithunda tries to evoke some laughter from us, sorry da, couldn’t find a single funny instance and apart from that the story did suckkk.

Regarding the 3 mistakes of my life, all i could say is that it is a typical Chetan Bhagat novel. Yes, he has lost his touch of the 5 point some one. That is his best novel any day. One night at a call center was slightly bad than 5 point some one, and this book is a touch down on the one night at a call center story. All I have to say is, it is a good time pass book, if you want to read some bollywood type of story.

I can’t but wonder how in all his novel, the main protagonist gets his girl in the end. And it is not that the person tries really hard to impress the girl and all. Its more like khuda breaking open the chath to just drop this all lovy-dovey girl into his lap. And here we are, the normal human beings, where we see soo many guys desperately trying to woo someone and failing in the effort and having nothing else to do but thank khuda for not breaking the chath, as all he gets whenever Khuda does is nothing but heaps of misery piled on him.

Well whatever, but all these sleeping in the past two days has left me insomniac in the night now … and now it is 6:40 in the morning and i am sitting and typing this post after a night-out doing nothing.


4 thoughts on “The 5th term bliss begins ….

  1. good to see u blog after quite a break πŸ™‚

    yeah .. vellagiri is bliss but u seem to be utilising it very progressively πŸ™‚

    last but not the least pg wodehouse rocks any given day πŸ˜€

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