Farewell "Indivisibles"

Well back to the update time again.

Well the third term exam has finished and i am half an MBA, or as my childhood buddy tells “The knight in a shining half MBA Armour, ready to take on the big bad corporate world”. I have spent my half life period of Joka life.

Talking of Joka, had our senior’s placement and what an event it was. Though some of the companies (read international banks) were not as enthusiastic as last year due their tails being cut sub-prime by the impending recession in the US, their losses were to the gain of the consulting majors. And if somebody (that is if anybody is still interested in reading this crap, called the insight into my mind) wants to read the entire report on the placement scene at Joka land, you can find it here or another report here.

And it is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to the batch of indivisibles (as the 43/13 batch were called). So we the pi batch (as the 44/14 batch is called for obvious reasons) will be the seniors the next year. And i do hope we can be as good as our seniors were. Coming to the batch of the indivisibles, well i would like to thank them for all the help they provided right from welcoming us ignorants to joka land till the end taking us through by giving gyans on specific subjects, profs, mid-terms, end-terms, even what to study in specific subjects and what to leave, CV making (well i would like to thank them for whatever my CV has become. I myself would laugh at the first version of what i tried to pass off as CV), being for us there during our summers process, helping us when needed and supporting us when we were down, through all the parties and the fun. Thank you indivisible for your support and help in making us the half MBAs which we are now. It would have been really tough without you.

So, once done with the placements, it was time to leave jokaland, temporarily for us. So it was off to packing and since we had to empty our rooms before leaving, i had to pack everything which i don’t need into cartons to be kept in the common store room. Well, it is a different fact that i ended up packing till the minute i had to board the cab. With all the mess related works pending, i really had to rush through the last day. Just managed to pack and sent the boxes up with the help of some workers and just ran to the cab. Dropping the bags in the cab, i just remembered that i had some more work left in the mess. So asking for 2 mins from the senior with whom i was sharing my cab, i just ran in to the mess, gave the contractor a letter which i had to give, wrote a cheque, got the counterfoil signed and just ran off to catch the plane. Even now i dunno, if i have packed everything or left some stuffs behind in the room.

Well, ended up paying extra for the luggage as i had packed 28 kgs in the luggage when i was allowed just 20 kgs. Thank god they don’t weigh our cabin luggages. If they had, i think i was carrying around 15 kgs in the cabin luggage and another 10 kgs in my laptop bag. Well i know it must have been so much, coz the Kolkata airport was on strike and they had no power in the airport. So i ended up carrying everything of it and climbing up a flight of stairs for security check and then climbing down a flight of stairs to the flight (As the escalators and aero bridge were not working.

So here i am back at home, with lots of extra time after spending my time on hogging on food and sleeping. Some of which i spend in some musings. So hoping to update my blog pretty soon on some of my musings pretty soon.

Till then ciao.


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