Done with my exam and with lots of time on hand during the weekend and the beautiful rainy weather which just makes you sit in your cozy room, wrapped in a blanket …. what more do you want.

Yeah me not an outgoing kind of person. I prefer spending my time in silence then going to a noisy disc where you can’t even hear your partner (not that i have one) and get your stomach filled on a number of hydrocarbons which i can’t even differentiate from one other. So am happily spending my time sleeping away to glory and watching the friends series (yeah have started with season one again). Whenever i am not doing both of these, then iTunes have to be busy on my computer. Oh yeah, one more thing… i don’t like rock and heavy metals which just goes on with some incomprehensible lyrics drowned in a mix of jarring tones. No Offence Meant to the people who do like it.

Trying to finish one or two novels which i have started and not finished (though i do know that i won’t finish it this weekend too). Trying to get my hands on may be a few poems and for people who don’t know (which i think is the max number of people i know), i love reading poetry. Yeah its a pity i can’t write poems unless and until i am really sad and the poems which come out then are usually the ones which couldn’t be shared (well … i don’t wanna answer all those queries by the inquisitive minds).

And staying on the topic of inquisitive minds, yeah my GTalk status and the about me in orkut do mean something and something abt whats in my mind at that time … Or do they ??? 😉

Oh yeah, before i forget. Whoever had read my previous post might remember the post “Risk Unmanaged”. Well, lemme tell you the risk after turned out to be managed one, though not so well managed. Well if u had even given me the grade lesser than the one i got ( oh yeah and there could only be one other grade apart from F below mine) on that day, i would have accepted it gladl. But now, I have missed the higher grade by half a mark, am thinking whether to put for a revaluation or not. Talk about greedy mind. Well what do you know, I am selfish after all. The one who asked me to be more selfish … hope you are listening (though i know you wanted me to be more selfish in other things… couldn’t help it :P)


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