Long time

Long time since i even got time to update my blog here. Apart from a few arbit posts/poem(the inspiration for which is still being questioned), i think the last meaningful post had been in august and this being end of November that makes it nearly 4 and half months

Lots have happened in the meanwhile. Went home on a vacation, had our mid-terms, had our summers, now the election fever is on in the campus and next week se we have our end-terms.
Add to it the random submissions, quizzes, projects and what not just to eat into our time.

Random – ???…how did this word get into my vocab??? Too much influences are there 🙂

As i said, had been home for the only vacation which a PGP1 gets in the year. All i want to talk about that will be food, food and more food (Not that i talk abt something else even otherwise). But all that i did at home (that is apart from food) is fill forms for summers. And my friends for sure would be cursing me for not meeting them.

Back to Joka after a week and the mid-terms pounced on us. As i had mentioned in a few other places, the mid-terms was like an over from Shoaib Akthar….fast, furious and dunno what hit u types. Some of the exams i had to go in unprepared. Others i went in under prepared.

The mid-terms had just finished, when the summers came over. And it was a long process for me, although i had an opportunity to convert the one call which i had the second day, i failed and went on till the last day. It was a pretty good learning experience. I would say, it was an experience which got ppl together…a good network building exercise, where most of the people were seen helping each other. What followed was a record breaking summers where for the first time the entire batch was placed before the end of day 4. As for me, i ended up with Johnson and Johnson consumer products and will be posted mostly in Mumbai.

And now the election fever is on in the campus with the studcom elections going on. Enjoying the fun as an outsider is soo much fun 🙂

PS: Have 2 quizzes today, have two submissions and a case to prepare for tomorrow and here i am sitting and writing this 🙂


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