More Arbit Bakar

Well just got a bit bored, now that the exams are over. So trying to pass off a collection of line which just came into my mind as a poem.

Oh yeah and before you ppl ping and ask me what is wrong with me (well, that is if anybody does read this), fear not. This is just something that just came into my mind and has no correlation with my life (too much of studying statistics effects are there). So instead of regressing and extrapolating this (which is btw not to be done according to statistics), trying to link with my life, just try to read the poem (poem ??)

What is that I have done?

That I am being made to pay for

What sin have I done?

That I am not being absolved of.

I loved a flower,

But it didn’t even blossom from a bud

Loved the flower again

All I got is a thorn deep in my heart

I loved a smile,

But it was yearning for someone new

I loved the sunshine,

But the clouds got in there too.

I loved the flower again

But it was so attracted towards light

It just turned away from me

Leaving me in despite.

Oh just what is it my lord,

Tell me the sin that I can’t be absolved of

Tell me why is it

Please do tell me.


PS : It actually feels nice to see your name written below your creation. 😀


7 thoughts on “More Arbit Bakar

  1. Hmmm.. actually had thought abt that, but didn’t want to write abt it. If you do see, there is pretty much less abt the personal stuffs in my blog and whatever personal is among the latest posts. If u want to know abt the GDPI experiences, i have another blog, which you will find in my profile … Last Man Standing. So you can see that for the GD/PI experiences

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