Off to Joka

OK. No posts for a long time. So thought that i will go ahead and post the update from my side.

on 24th of May, my manager announced to my team that i will be going to IIM Lucknow. After all the congratulations and adulations, i came back to my seat and logged in to check for any new mails and what do i see???!!!!

I get to see a mail from pgpadmissions and thanks to the way gmail displays the to address all i can see is that much. Now all the iims have the same email id (pgpadmission@….). So i thought this to be a communication from IIM Lucknow . I didn’t bother to read the from address and was mystified when the body told that i am offered admission and was supposed to send a DD of 50k before 4th of June. !!!!

It was then that i see the from address and what do i see….. the letter is from iim Calcutta !!!!!!
The sanctum sanctorum of finance!!! offering me admission.

Well my manager had told once that there are 4 stages of reaction to any startling news.
Shock, Denial, Frustration and Acceptance. Well for good news i am sure the third level will not be present. This was my condition on that day

For the first five minutes, i was dumbstruck. I didn’t know how to react. I just stared blankly at the screen. Read and re-read the mail a couple of times. The second stage set in…denial. I thought it must be some prank now. Well, this institute is known for not giving out a wait list and usually give out exact number of calls, and it is now giving admission to me, almost a month after the first list was announced !!!!!

I sent back a mail asking for the attachment which was non-existent, and only after seeing that did i realise, that yes…. i am offered the seat !!!!

Well the ecstasy was overwhelming!!! (I dunno if that sentence makes any sense…. but i was in such a state). I rushed home, almost banging into a couple of vehicles on the way. I told my father and my brother, but was shocked at their response. Then i realised, that they didn’t know the enormity of the news. So i waited till my mom came back and told her. It was when she told the enormity of the situation, that the other 2 got it.

Well there it is… the best 2 hrs of my life in a 50 line post…. :). So here i am … off to Joka.

Oh yeah, for those who don’t know, Joka is kinda suburb in Kolkata where IIMC is situated


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