The land of Nawabs beckons me

Hey ppl, long time no see ( as if i could actually see the ppl who are reading this, if anybody does that is). Was sorta busy, tensed, uncertain of future all these days. Thus was in no position to post.

Now all that is sorted out, here i am back to bug ya all. And in the outset lemme give out the good news. Yes, shehar-e-Nawab (???), the land of Nawabs is beckoning me and i am going out there. Well, it is a sort of long term shift in the sense that i will need to be there for 2 yrs at the least.

Yes, I am joining a B-School there. Yes, I am going to get one of the most coveted tags associated with my name. But YES, and a more happy one at that, i will no longer be forced for a marriage.

With lots of stuffs to do before i bid farewell to my favorite city, I am sure to be busier by the day. But i would try and make it a point to post something more frequently.

So for now, bye


5 thoughts on “The land of Nawabs beckons me

  1. @srik

    I am not the nawab yet… yeah and u r the one who shudn’t forget me in the city that doesn’t sleep.

    @bharat eager to meet the fellow devils @ helL

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