Pseudo Secularism

Hi. I am back and am back ranting about my favorite subject. I am talking about the double standards of the government and their pseudo-secularist attitude.

Yes, I am talking about the statement which our honorable prime minister made in the meeting of the National Development Council yesterday. To quote him “We should devise innovative plans to ensure that minorities, particularly the muslim minority are empowered to share equitably in the fruits of development”. Anything wrong here?? Nope, till here it was fine. The controversial statement comes next. “Muslims must have the first claim on resources”. Now I am no anti-muslim or anti any other religion. One of my best friend is a Muslim.

Now Mr. Prime Minister, do u believe that all poor people are muslims??Poverty doesn’t come by religion. Hunger doesn’t attack people based on religion. Diseases doesn’t come based on religion. What about the poor people who are non-muslim, non-OBC ??? and let me tell you, there are scores of thousands of people in the country in this category.

And the irony of the fact is that, this statement has come from a so called “Secular” party in the country. Can somebody please help me in understanding the meaning of the word secular?? According to the dictionary it means “not pertaining to or connected with religion”. But in this country, Secular means anti-hindu/ pro-muslim. If a particular party, talks about the upliftment of hindus, they are communal forces. Now, if someone talks about the upliftment of Muslims, they are secular. This is what i call as pseudo-secularism.

The thing which hurts the most is that this statement comes from a prime minister who is respected everywhere for his economic knowledge and who is regarded as the one responsible for the economic development of India. Now it is can be easily guessed that this statement is given keeping in mind the impending elections in Uttar Pradesh. It is a known fact, that Congress is trying hard to come to power in UP and to come to power it needs to defeat a party which gets the majority of the muslim communities vote. Obviously, the congress is trying to swing this communities vote to itself.

Do these parties really care about these people after the elections. No, if they had cared, this statement wouldn’t have come. We keep hearing that the dalits and the OBCs are to be uplifted. Now the muslims have to be uplifted. I really wonder what these people were doing for the last 60 years, in which they were in rule for 50 years. And to top the fact, these as****e politicians need the creamy layer to be included in any of the reservations given. How will u uplift the people in need if the creamy layer keeps getting all the benefits??? Do these people care?? No.In fact, they would actually work against these people, just to make sure the same issues are there for the next elections and a number of elections to come in the future.

PS: To reiterate, I am not against any religion or community, but am against the double standards of the government and the Politicians


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