Mamata’s Day Out

Huh. Finally i am writing something after a long break. Just got a tad busy with some personal stuffs and office work.

So what got me out of the lull was the beautiful images of Mamata Banerjee and her supporters creating a ruckus in the West Bengal Assembly. Man it was so good that even the local hooligans would be proud of what they saw.

On a serious note, what i saw on the TV made me pinch myself, just to be sure that i am not dreaming. The destruction caused by these people, the so called elected representatives of the common man,was enormous. Yes I had seen the absolute mayhem in the UP assembly a few years ago. But what happened in the WB assembly overtook that by a mile. MLAs of a particular party damaged property, shredded business papers and official documents, overturned and broke furniture, yanked microphones off their holders and vandalised the Assembly chamber and the hall outside it.

Reason : The police disallowed their loud mouthed party leader, Ms Mamata Banerjee, to proceed to Singur, where she wanted to join the protesting farmers. Yes, she was going for a “noble cause”, at the least that’s what they claim.

Now I don’t want to dwell upon whether she was going to support the farmers, who were protesting for the rightful cause, to gain a political mileage in the coming elections or not. But I am sure, the situation in Singur would have heated up had Ms Banerjee visited it. So, I feel, the police were right in stopping her from visiting Singur. Now now, that is a major loss for the party. They had hoped to go there and create a ruckus, thus identifying themselves with the farmers and hoped to gain political mileage. So what does she do now?? She storms to the West Bengal Assembly, when it was in session and create a ruckus there.

From the picture, we can see the amount of damage caused. Now who is going to pay for the repair work?? Ofcourse, it is the common man again, whose pockets will be pinched to make sure these sonofaguns get to rest on a soft seat. No need to worry. Even if that common man has no clothes to wear or has just lost his only means of livelyhood to accomodate one more industry, he will understand. After all, they were fighting for his cause only.

Now I am not against industry, but am against creating industries on fertile lands. If the same was done on a barren piece of land, there should not have been any reason to fret. But whatever be the reason, there was no need for the act of vandalism which was unleashed on the assembly floor. Last heard, the “pro-people” communist government in power, had decided to take political mileage of the situation, by opening up the assembly to public to view the destruction caused. And the ever crazy people of Bengal had queued up for more than a kilometer and a half to view this “spectacle of a life time”. These people really have time to watch something which is a condemnable act. I am not sure if so many people will line up in front of Eden Garden to buy tickets to a India-Pakistan test match.


3 thoughts on “Mamata’s Day Out

  1. I think humans is too strong a word to use for these people. They have absolutely minimal regard for what you call “the common man” or anyother man, in fact. It’s the “I, me, myself” syndrome, and will continue to be so, until, I dunno, someone decides to do something and does it.

    Yours forever sthupitly.

  2. Aha.. Someone passionate about politics. 🙂
    I doubt anyone actually respects that woman. Its ridiculous. I personally feel the days of Gandhi are over. Serously doubt whether fasting would take you anywhere.
    I haven’t seen that picture before.. What is this country coming too? Politicians are acting like local rowdies.

  3. Thanks a lot to my new reader.

    Well yes even i doubt if fasting will take us anywhere. But i doubt the main intention of the fast. I smell politics in it.

    And yes politicians are acting like local rowdies, coz thats what they are. any ex-underworld member gets an extra qualification to be a politician. What else can u expect from here??

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