The hyped world

What has inspired me to write this piece is the main story in today’s paper. “BPO Staffer murdered”, “IT City horrified” screamed TOI. “BPO firm emloyee murdered” announced Hindu. What is it with the BPO employees that cause these papers and the news channel to hype the news??. Well, atleast in the previous case, it was a cause of concern.The lady was picked up from her house in a company van to take her to work, but was duped and killed. It was a shock.

But in this case, it is more like a family fued. The lady went on her own will with her boyfriend after work. She was found murdered the next day. There are just too many ppl who are murdered in this way. Theyleave their work place and never return home. Do the news channel or the paper even mention about all of them, let alone hype it. But once they see the title ‘BPO’, they go on to great lengths to just hype the news and make sure of their monetary collections for the day. And moreover, it is not a news to cause the IT city to be horrified. When mumbai has the courage and bravery to fight back from a bomb explosion which rocked it, do u believe that a city like Bangalore will be horrified, just because a person killed another for some personal reasons??

As far as I know ( and I know very little), this is not in the spirit of journalism. You are not supposed to sensationalize an issue, just to gain some mileage out of it. But that is what is happening in India atleast (I do not want to talk abt the world media as i know not much abt them). This, when coupled with the dumb witted, self centered politicians who care abt nothing else but themselves, is a classic recipe for a disaster. Dunno, what will save India now from disaster


One thought on “The hyped world

  1. Arun,

    You have a definite point here.. The BPO staffer’s killing was unnecessarily sensationalized.

    I am ok with they reporting that the killing was brutal. But, linking it to the BPO industry was uncalled for. Its as though telling people that BPO guys should not have any personal probs!!

    But let me quickly add that the lifestyle of the BPO staffers is a welcome recipe for crimes. They better take stock of this…


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