Vote Bank politics

Last week, a news item in the paper caught my eyes. It was regarding the central government wanting to scrap the “Right to Education Bill”. Reason : Lack of funds. While the govt is ready to pour funds upto 300 crore into higher education to see that the quotas are implemented, it just doen’t want to make sure that the children, who are the citizens of tomorrow, get the basic education.

Of course, what else to expect. These 17 crore children are in no position to vote for the government. But if they implement the quota, they are sure to get much more votes. This just goes to show the lack of interest which the present govt has towards anything else, other than vote bank politics. Or is it one more plot by the govt to make sure that the quota system go on unabated?.

If we do give proper basic education to these children, they will be in a position to compete with the so called upper caste people(Which i think just means ppl who are willing to work hard). Then there will be no need for a caste based reservation system, which implies this hot topic, which the politicians use to divide the ppl and increase their vote bank, will not survive. So they are making pretty sure that the caste based reservation system does go ahead, if not for the well being of the country(as they claim), atleast for the well being of themselves (which is the truth). Well, the supporters of the quota system, the so called leaders of the backtrodden, are just keeping quite. Why can’t they make sure that the bill do get passed and implemented properly?? The so called secular parties, which goes ahead to divide the country on caste (now i am really confused. How are they secular, when they are basing their politics on caste??), doesn’t even make a sound. Reason, if these ppl do come ahead, then the leaders of the downtrodden( so called leader atleast) and these petty politicians wont have any issue to fight on and become a pseudo hero.

This just goes on to show that the utter lack of respect which the politicians have for the country. Sometimes it makes me wonder, if having autocracy is better than having democracy and choosing these dumb twits.


3 thoughts on “Vote Bank politics

  1. Arun,

    Never agreed more! The government has again showed its double standards when it says that it will spend exorbidant sum on higher education and in the same breath say that it doesnt hv funds for primary education!!

    Bottomline is that politicians will do whatever is required to keep sensitive issues alive and their votebanks intact.

    As long as policies are influenced by votebank politics, we will continue to tread the downward spiral of negitive development.


  2. Hey, I just hadn’t noticed the discrepancy. 🙂 (You know, between no money for primary education and 300 cr for reservations!) How true…if the government ever wanted real equality of opportunity, we would have achieved it long ago!

    I remember one stat during the 99 elections – the more educated the so called ‘backward’ castes, the less they voted for the ‘secular’ parties! I guess the ‘secular’s have learnt their lesson well.

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