Ways to Live Success – Part II

Hi, here i am back with my latest musings. The book which i was talking about in the last post has really got me thinking a lot. It had a chapter titled “How to look irrestitibly attractive”. And of course as any normal guy o fmy age will do, i went thru the chapter eagerly. But, unfortunately it didn’t have any self-help tips or procedures to become ” Irresistibly attractive”. However, it did mention something amazing.

I brief, it said that being attractive is about energy. It is about our energy and the energy of the people with whom we interact. Like energies attract and unlike energies repel ( Don’t confuse with ur Magnetic attraction theories). If u r pretty close to someone, then it is because both of u are giving out similar energies. As far as the people who seems to continuously suffer from one or the other problems are concerned, that is because they are attracting it by giving out similar energy, knowingly or unknowingly. Now that explains why some students continuously gets into trouble. The trouble they create for others, attracts the trouble to them.

I usually have an unpleasant feeling when i see someone or when in somebodies company. For no practical reasons I will be abhoring the person. In such situations, a few of my friends do ask me as to why i hate that person so much and what (s)he has done. It was really puzzling. Why so i hate them?? Most of them haven’t harmed me. I have no reason to hate them. But still i do. I just couldn’t explain it. It was like, i hate them thats it, full stop. No reasons. Coz even i didn’t kow what the reason was. Well now, i do have an explanation for it. So people, now u got the answer why i hate a few people without any reason 🙂

Going on with the book, it tells that if we listen to the inner conscience, it does alert us when there are troubles lurking around. It might be like some unknown feeling in urself, or in form of some pain or the other. It knows whatever we are planning is not good for us and it does give out an intimation. I do agree with this part of it. I believe all of us does have an inner conscience which keeps on telling usif something we are doing/about to do is not right. But, most of us would have closed our doors to it, not listening to it even if it is informing us.

Reasons for my belief … simple, i have experienced it. So many times, if what i am planning to do is not right in some way, or if there is some serious trouble, i do get this sickening feeling, something like a knot in the stomach. Earlier, i used to ignore it, but paid a price for it. Later on too, I used to dismiss the previous incident as just a co incidence and go on with whatever i was planning, but used to pay a heavier price for it. Finally, when it almost came to life/death situation ( few may remember my experience/adventure of 2nd yr), i learnt that I do have to listen to it. I have done from then onwards, aborting my plans whenever, i felt the wierd feeling or doing something to get out of it. Touch wood…from then on I haven’t had any troublesome situations. Now i do know sceptics won’t agree with that, but do i want them to concur with me on these?? No way. It is my belief and i will listen to it as long as it keeps me away from trouble


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