Ways to Live Success

Well got hold of a book called “52 ways to Live Success” by Jeanne Shatbuno. A good inspirational book. Well it has got me thinking.

According to this book, the formula for a jouful and successful living is INSIDE OUT, i.e : Be + Do+ Have = Success.
While most ppl have an OUTSIDE IN approach, i.e: Have + Do + Be = Success. Makes me wonder what mine is. Dunno…Well i don’t even have a formula of success explicitly, but internally i think i follow a mixture of both of them.

To have a joyful and successful life, it is essential to first :

1. BE

Be yourself, Know what u really are. Know what is important to u.Know what makes u unique. Know what u do best.

2. DO

Do the things u do best. Use ur talents in a way that is helpful to others. Touch ppl in meaningful ways. Leave a lasting legacy.


Have a life, not a lifestyle. Life should be oriented around what is most important to u. A life spent with those who really matter most to u.

Another interesting thing i discovered is abt clearing the stuffs which are draining energy out of us. All of us are bothered by a number of things. If u think abt it a bit, i think u can make out that it is these things which are draining the energy of life out of us. There are so many stuffs which we have to put up with. The priority is to get these stuffs cleared, if possible. Yes, few of the stuffs are not easy to clear off. But we need to make an effort in clearing it.

Lemme ponder over these stuffs right now. I’ll be back in a short while with more “stuffs”. U will have to bear up with it until i finish this book


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